Labour chickens come home to roost

Never in the history of any CARIBBEAN ISLAND, it is recalled by all, that a noted Trade Union Leader was snubbed in such a dramatic, uncharitable and equivocal manner, moreso, during a May Day celebrations. I felt his pain, his hurt. The exasperated and contorted look on his face after relocating to the stands was quite telling. If only the stadium would open up and allow his “Houdini”. Like a wet chicken, his frailty, cowardice, selfishness and alter ego was exposed. With the stupidest grin, he was looking for any kind of solace, not knowing where to turn, maybe run. Run fast!

Poor Boy! That’s what happens when boys refuse to grow up. Here was the self- proclaimed political strategist and toxic loud mouth reduced to ground zero. The power of the people! I am not a follower but a leader, he says! A leader without vision! A leader who fails to understand who he is and the power of the people! A labor leader who at last will make history as the greatest sell out and failure the Caribbean has ever seen. All due to egomania, and the lack of basic scholarship and common sense. In a sense the imposter has been eventually exposed. The truth is that all the “bad boys” are now in the same place. Birds of a feather flock together!

On May Day 2014, this leader was without any followers. And it all was started by his TAWU peers. The historians now have rich raw material. History will record the event. Some of the captions may include: ”The rise and fall of Chester Arlington “Boom Chest” Humphrey”. “The repudiation of the self-anointed Labour pariah”, “Humiliation and rejection, a bitter pill”. “How not to commit workers suicide”, “Relegated to the dustbin of Grenada’s also ran”,” Gun Runner falls out of favour”.

It’s not good to celebrate one’s fall from grace even if self- inflicted. But, instances like these must be noted and lessons learnt. That is for those who are smart enough to learn and imbibe. Many continue to run around and behave as if they are invincible and immortal. In the process they hurt, maim, use, destroy and demonise innocent people for their personal gains. It is only when afflictions AND ILL WINDS visit that they are brought back down to earth. And that is exactly what the thousands at Queen’s Park did.

What’s the significance of this? I will leave that to the thinking Grenadian to decide. Most of them are in the thinking mood these days. They are beginning to understand and see many things in their proper context at last. For once they are not prepared to be fooled again or tolerate mediocrity particularly in leadership. And there is a lot around these days. Nincompoops all around in key places interfering with our lives and making it harder! The writing is on the wall and it is time for the smart to take heed. The “Grenada Spring” is beginning. And I am praying for all Grenadians.

As for the goodly gentleman, common decency should dictate that he resigns from his lofty positions and save his organisation’s collateral embarrassment. How could the General Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour suffer this fate? This is visceral and deep. This wound cannot be repaired. There is only one way. Bow out with some grace and demonstrate some maturity. Have some mercy on your colleagues. One of the test of a true man is knowing when to give way. A word to the wise is enough.

Anyway, I am firmly of the view that one day I will sit with the brother in church confessing our sins (and there is a lot) acknowledging God and singing praises to the master. I am praying for him. Poor Fella!

Winnifred Humphrey

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