Workers not satisfied at MBIA!!!

After all, many would have thought that with the passage of time with Managers going and coming, change of government and the likes that many in society would change their attitude towards each other.

Many of us MBIA staff have gone through so many experiences that today we can relate to some of the events which are “reoccurring”.

After having 4 1/2 years of peace, human and social development, and a redeeming of the institution under our former General Manager, today we are back in the woes of spite and hate under a system that gives privilege to only a few and not the wider mass of staff.

We have heard questions are being asked on one of the Sundays Radio Programme which is not surprising to many as we all know very well what is happening daily.

Since the departure of a man we can proudly call Mr. Andall, life for us at the airport has been a nightmare as staff cannot be assisted in any way possible or to be helped with any matter.

The former General Manager was firm and yet approachable. A worker problem/issue became his concern and you were not left alone to bear the burden by yourself. He was a man of the people.

Today, we have far passed that stage and have returned to FEAR where you must not be seen talking to your peers, for fear of being marginalised because the individual/s may be considered to be in the Black Books of the Authority.

It is unfortunate that with the development of internet and all of the modern means man has at his disposal for development, it is heart breaking to see how some educated persons relate and treat others.

The present Board of Management is not interesting in human development but rather keeping you in a state of oppression; even tough they may talk about the Human capacity.

We must say the current General Manager may mean well, but may be cautious after recognising how the former General Manager was treated – some sought to destroy his character.

Can you imagine junior members of staff with many years of service joined with a certain trainee at the airport to destroy the character of a man we loved as a General Manager. He loved his country, and served with a special talent to the highest degree.

We pause to say thanks. The equipment the state now enjoy for rescue operation within the aviation industry, and state level was the doing of this humble man.

As staff, we groan with pain after hearing what is being said in order to make us believe that everything was wrong, and that nothing happened; even if they benefited from level 1 to level+.

Before the 4 1/2 years, staff were demoralised, battered and bruised by those in authority. Today, many still carry scars and wonder what next, knowing the Woman of yesteryear has a hate in her heart for some persons. We believe with the passing of time we ought to purge ourselves from filth.

Persons ought not to live in fear. Everyone is fed up because the political appointed Woman of yesteryear doesn’t know how to talk to people and finds every person to be rude.

A plastic smile is meted out to every person because she is a STABBER. We the members of staff are not happy with the Assistant Accountant. We are also complaining about the delays in executing our job functions. Is the management not concerned about our work order and the proper functioning of the system which we worked with for the past 4 1/2 years.

The Accountant who is currently not performing in her related area of responsibility proved to be efficient in every discipline. Since her removal our salaries are late.

All MBIA staff are fed-up – we are hearing some concessioners complaining. We call on the authorities to please give us a listening ear as we the staff are not happy with the level of treatment dished out to us..

MBIA Staff

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