The Trojan Horse

In Greek mythology the story is told of how a force of elite Greek soldiers hid themselves in the body of a wooden horse and were rolled into the gates of the secure and well fortified city of Troy by its very inhabitants in the belief that the horse was a peace offering from the Greeks, who had given up after trying for ten unsuccessful years to storm the city walls.

According to the story, the Greek warriors climbed out of the body of the horse in the dead of night, opened the gate and let the Greek army in. The city of Troy was burned to the ground!

The Trojans thought the Greeks were giving them a good thing and for this reason they welcomed the horse with open arms. History can now attest to the fact they made a fatal error!

This brings to mind the recently announced entry of Peter David and his group into the New National Party.

Mitchell has hailed this development as a good thing and of course, none of the NNP leadership dares to contradict their maximum leader. But I am sure many of them are now looking over their shoulders and quietly wondering if they have, in fact, let a Trojan Horse into the NNP.

The troubling reality is that suddenly and miraculously, a former staunch and rabid enemy has been admitted into the bowels of the party and a story of unity and reconciliation is being recited among the ranks of the NNP.

The legitimate question can and should be asked, is this about unity or is this about POWER and TAKE OVER? Those among the NNP leadership who harbour ambitions about succeeding Mitchell and who feel they have paid their dues should take careful note!

Examine Peter David’s track record. In his own words he rode on the NDC bus. But when he discovered that it would not deliver him to the destination of POWER he so desperately craved he tried to crash the bus. This is the explanation for his belligerence in late 2010 over the loss of his tourism portfolio as well as his treacherous profiling in the Parliamentary debates, which left people wondering which side he was really on. Now he has climbed another bus, this time shouting the slogan, ‘Project Grenada.’

NNP members should ask themselves: Can this agent of disruption and mash-up all of a sudden become an agent of unity? Can Peter David be trusted? Will he finally abandon his cloak and dagger style of operations to operate in good faith in the party he has just joined?

Grenadians will not forget that Peter and his gang operated a party within a party while being members of the NDC. They constituted a subversive, treacherous and cancerous wing of the NDC and they made Grenada ungovernable.

It has been announced that elements like Gilbert, the discredited labour leader Humphrey, the mercenary journalist and others will follow Peter David. The reality is that they will simply be making official that which has been the reality for many years now.

One can only conclude that interesting days are ahead for the NNP. This bunch will enter under the banner of ‘Project Grenada’, but will it, in fact, turn out to be ‘Project Peter?’ Will NNPites wake up one morning to find out that they have let in an invasive species that has climbed out of the woodwork in the dead of the night and taken control of their party?

Keith Mitchell might now be using gentler words to describe Peter David. But NNP members again must ask themselves, was it the same Keith Mitchell who described the same Peter David as a dangerous man with a twisted mind?

More than that, did Keith not refer to Peter as the biggest fraudster who went after his own father with a gun? And did not Keith give Grenadians a chilling warning of Peter about the consequences of standing between him and POWER?

The Greeks wanted POWER. They entered the fortified city of Troy with a horse. Peter wants POWER. He rides into the NNP camp on the horse of Unity and ‘Project Grenada.’

Student of History

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