Let’s stay stuck in a rut!

From time to time I say to people would you like Grenada to develop? Ooh yes. Would you like to change that little thing? Oooh no.

As a tourist am I interested in Spice? No.

Am I interested in beautiful landscape, attractive beaches, tropical wild-life, great entertainment, hiking in fascinating places? Yes.

Would I like to take home a souvenir? Yes.

Let’s have a doorway to all of Grenada’s attractions and good points — not just the one to spice.

Pure Grenada is the portal, to attract the tourist’s attention, a portal giving entry to so many things.

It really is time to move on, become progressive, provide what the world of tourism actually wants, not just what some think it should want.

Let’s have more things for tourists to do, to participate in, to be entertained by. It’s also time for more modestly priced accommodation to help swell the number of stay-over visitors as they spend much more than those visiting on cruise ships.
What do I particularly remember about Hawaii? I remember the restaurant Hawaiian Hut with its live entertainment — dances from seven Polynesian countries. And the beach, and the volcano.

It’s great to see the private sector Hotel and Tourism Association coming out with an all embracing brand for Grenada and others embracing it. Others seem to want to stay stuck in a rut with no change, the brakes on, going nowhere new and the country getting poorer by the minute.

Three cheers for those taking a lead to assist the country to move ahead.

David L Evans  Ph.D

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