Pure baloney!!!

We are delighted that the island’s leaders have reacted to the negative response to the ‘Pure Grenada’ tagline.

My wife and I have been regular visitors to Grenada for more than a decade, coming every year except for the year when ‘Ivan’ and ‘Emily’ wreaked so much damage. To those of us who live beyond the island’s shores, Grenada IS the Spice Island. It has always been the Spice Island and always will be.

To try to impose a new tagline in place of one that is so well known around the world is as crazy as Coca-Cola trying to change the shape of its iconic bottle!

We have been fortunate to visit a number of the Caribbean islands over the years. Grenada is the one to which we return again and again. It is the friendliest of the islands, services are generally second to none. A change to a meaningless tagline is not going to attract more visitors.

‘Pure Grenada?’ Pure what? Pure baloney!

Peter & Sue Sotheran
North Yorkshire, England

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