Peter comes out of the Closet

“Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully.” Richard Bach.

Imagine spending countless hours trying to teach your children about honour and loyalty and self-respect and honesty.

Then one night on TV or the Internet they witness firsthand, the funeral dirge of all those lofty ideals presided over by no other than a former Minister of government and present senior government operative.

The night of May 20, 2014 I will always remember painfully as I witnessed the final and ultimate humiliation and emasculation of someone I once respected and admired.

My stomach churned, my intestines twisted, my knees turned to jelly and my eyes bulged as I listened to Peter spew forth the most pathetic, profane, putrid concoction of nonsensical drivel and insincere rambling one is likely to give lip to in an average lifespan.

All while his co-conspirators in the audience, anticipating their turn to do likewise clapped and cackled and grinned like so many starving jackals awaiting their share of the carcass.

Such things give people more than enough reason to wonder at the heart of man.

Oh the hypocrisy; the dishonesty, the greed and selfishness of some that one reasonably expected better of. Oh the steaming, fetid, murky, decaying depths of political subterfuge that some are prepared to submerge themselves in to achieve smoldering ambitions without the slogging.

History is cyclical and causes and consequences are sempiternally constant. Neither the deliverer of the Brutus stab nor the Judas kiss benefited from their dastardly deed.

It is only an atrophied mind and a warped form of reasoning that will put the prospect of private gains, personal prejudices and mean vindictiveness before the interest of their own country.

Maybe he lives by this quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea”.

But one cannot help wondering why Peter had to make a public show of throwing in his lot with the NNP. Everyone knows he was with the NNP since before last year’s elections. In fact he’s been accused of having helped to orchestrate the defeat of the NDC.

Whenever has there been a public show to sign someone up into a political party and why now, more than a year after he jumped the fence? Is this a required precursor to his 30 pieces of silver?

Talking about history in the making. Perhaps that’s correct. Likely no one has ever sacrificed their dignity and manhood on an alter of traitorous villainy and unfettered avarice in such a vulgar manner before.

The fact that two men that not so long ago had mutually considered each other the most crooked, dishonest and singularly unsavory character that ever contaminated the face of the earth, should be now singing the saintly praises of each other, smells foul to high heaven.

How can Peter willingly put himself in a position where his political future now has to be dictated by a once bitter enemy? Or has he?

The real ramifications of that notorious act on that infamous day will inevitably come to light but in the meantime I can only paraphrase that drunken porter in Macbeth, “Faith, here’s an equivocator, that could swear in both the scales against either scale, who committed treason enough for God’s sake, yet could not equivocate to leadership.

Advocate for Good

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