Control of stray dogs on public road

I write this letter with the hope and anticipation that the ministry will become more active with the control of stray dogs in order to increase road safety and minimise vehicular incidents and vehicle maintenance cost to road users.

There is no doubt that the present economic climate is very challenging and frustrating to our Grenadian people. With all the increases & additional taxes and other unavoidable costs brought into play by the past & present government and other entities, help is needed to assist with the reduction/elimination of the avoidable cost which occurs as a result of stray dogs on our public roads.

It has now become a frustration to which we as drivers/owners of public & private transportation now plea with the ministry to get rid of the stray dogs which have infested our roads here in Grenada.

It must not be taken lightly of the many incidents that occur relating to the above subject along with the stress, the aggravation and utter disgrace that this keeps repeating itself over and over again with nothing or little being done (if this is incorrect please let the public be aware, and kindly put a volume to whatsoever little action is being done).

Vehicles are constantly being damaged, consumers’ money is spent on unexpected vehicle expenses. We must be mindful of the mortgages and bills that must be paid after the deductions of income tax and other taxes etc from consumers’ income, hence reducing consumers spending ability.

On another note, let’s not forget that Tourism is part of our livelihood. The constant digging and spreading of trash in the roads along with their magnum deposits does not work well with our tourism industry, most seriously it negatively impact our health in the community.

My recommendations are as follows, firstly, the onus is on dog owners to secure their property which include pets. A penalty or law should be placed so that owners can secure their pets in their property to restrain them from straying.

The ministry also should be able to organise weekly patrols to capture stray animal in the streets. There should be a government funded animal shelter responsible for the capture, care, adoption & termination of animals that are found straying on our public roads.

In closing, I do hope that this matter will not be placed or thrown underneath the table, and that assistance along with the surety  of intended action to be taken with this matter be given to users of the public road.

Frustrated Vehicle owner/citizen

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