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There must be a vast difference between grassroots rum shop common-sense and boardroom hifalutin common-sense that, I must admit, is not common among run-of-the-mill Grenadians like me.

If I were the highest ranking member tasked with finding a name for my high school’s fraternity it would, using the grassroots approach, occur to me that I should meet with the guys to discuss various options – even though I had the best name in mind.

It would be Pure dictatorship to do otherwise and I certainly should expect fierce opposition as I tried to ram-rod it up the brains of the membership. To make matters worse, telling them they must be Educated in order to understand and accept my choice of names would engender such outrage that I would understand it is time to put pen to paper; immediately resign.

If I were to take the preferable option to evade responsibility and make me the hero, I would seek out who I thought were the weakest to respond and blame them for the fiasco. I walk without that brown thing in my face and feel vindicated. Board-room hifalutin common-sense wins again; everyone else loses. No big deal. I have marked my turf and everyone knows to stay clear.

But natural selection will ultimately have its course weeding out the parading stranger. Resistance may vary from subtle – romantic cuddling, a display of exotic plumage and gobbling apologetically – to fierce lunging attacks.

In the end the natural inclination common to lower order species – grassroots common-sense – will break the will of an intruder. The table has turned with some semblance of normalcy and the pride uninjured stays together.

No rest for my wandering mind as it moves further afield.

Nazi propaganda will meander Till the Man of good character stands his ground and takes over – one of my more irrational thoughts. Free to talk with no reprisal in a land with pure survival. Will the tax less help the poor? We have many miles to go. To heighten tension for those with pension isn’t that malicious pretension?

Mistakes made, mistakes corrected, why the talk of democracy aborted? Man is fallible and unstable so why the label brought to the table?

Guilty one, guilty all; all support or all will fall. The aberrations of our people will cause abrasions to the nation. We are a people with a vision, let’s stick together and forget the division.

Kit Stonewalling

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