What! Pure Grenada?

As Grenadians we feel raped and stripped of our true identity by the “vulgar and foreign depiction” Pure Grenada. We have been violated and contaminated, by a putrid nauseating stench, having been brutally bedded by an unwelcomed intruder – “Pure Grenada” – that we must prosecute and reject with every drop of National Pride that runs through our veins.

Pure Grenada stands as an “Impure” characterisation of who we are. As a people with a rich and unique culture, the generic term, Pure Grenada, at best, places us as an undistinguishable daffodil in a field of daffodils.

A Grenada “Brand” must be the people’s Brand. It must have the heart and soul of the nation; we must feel it, breathe it and sleep with it; be inspired by it, we must embrace it and it must embrace us; it must have the unmistakably sweet aroma of the Spice Isle; it must tell the world who and what we are, they must want to discover us as a very special experience.

We must be proud of our Brand if we must sell it. The Brand that was foisted upon us is reminiscent of the Branding on our “backsides” that established ownership; not ownership of ourselves, but ownership by others, ownership to which we never consented. We did not consent then; why should we consent now as a free people?

The analogy may be stark – extreme – but this is intended to awaken our indignation to not so subtle manipulation for financial gain.

The most casual observer would have known that we have had a brand for decades, saving time and money, keeping tens of thousands in the pockets of Grenadians.

From the backlash, it is more than obvious that a majority of Grenadians are not only unhappy with the brand “Pure Grenada,” but also totally reject it as an assault on our national sovereignty.

Branding to us is not a formally or for that matter legally registered document, it emanates from things or events of special significance and value to rank and file Grenadians that bring substance and value to our being. We know it when we feel it!

Do we feel Pure Grenada? Hell no!!!!

Kit Stonewalling

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