Wake up Grenada!

Oh my Grenadians I urge you to reflect on the performances of I.I Duncan during the Gairy’s regime.  He was a magistrate then.

The wild one, hatchet man – Wildman who was in the employ of the Keith Mitchell administration as an advisor among other postings, Magistrate Patricia Mark, who stood firm on principle.

Mr.George Worme/Grenada Today, who kept us informed about many matters and who was made a victim.

When one read of Fedon rebellion; Gairy’s sky red, the nurses demonstration; the circumstances around the death of Rupert Bishop; the sale of government shares at Cable and Wireless to pay civil servants salaries; the PRG with all its heavy manners, atrocities and curfew under Maurice Bishop; the debt service levy under George Brizan, which resulted in Grenada becoming credible and now the two point four billion dollars debt, the latter because of the reckless spending and mal-administration of over thirteen years of the Keith Mitchell administration, in so much that we are now as it were in the claws of the IMF with little or no hope to survive the economic crisis.  God help us, for he is our only hope.

Why from day one after the NNP landslide victory at the general election of February 2013, the Prime Minister seemed extremely desperate?  It was the second time his party won all fifteen seats and so it was felt in some circles that the people were suffering under the NDC administration and since Mitchell promised that he will deliver they went for it – the shadow – since the bone looked too hard, but now it is evident to most of them who were gullible to those promises of the delivery of better things, which are no way to be seen on the horizon not only are their hopes and aspirations dashed, but the burden by way of debts remain somewhat insurmountable.

All of the foregoing can be considered insignificant when one considers the actions of the Prime Minister, which has culminated in the resignation of the acting Supervisor of Elections. There is never a SMOKE without a FIRE, so much so the NDC mounted a picket in front of the Electoral Office on April 4, 2014 to draw to the attention of the public what could turn out to be a constitutional catastrophy and the severe consequence, if not arrested before it is too late.

Where is the Grenada Bar Association, the trade unions, the Conference of Churches, the Chamber of Commerce and other NGOs?  Wake up Grenada!  Let you voices be heard loud and clear.

Simeon Green

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