Now that Mr. David Phillip, the former director, majority shareholder and CEO of NALGICO, a failed insurance company after Hurricane Ivan 2004 is an executive member of the ruling New National Party, may be, Dr. Keith Mitchell can use his good office and influence as political leader of that party, to convince Mr. David Phillip to meet the post-Ivan debt of NALGICO owed to victims of Hurricane Ivan, who are still owed by that company for unsettled claims.

It should be especially easy for you, Dr Mitchell, having made a decision to pay Cap Bank depositors, on humanitarian and moral grounds, to convince Mr. David Phillip to do the right thing and commit to paying his debt in the shortest possible time, given the financial crisis of some claimants.

By the way Dr Mitchell, your trusted Permanent Secretary in Finance, and now capable Mr. Timmy Antoine, was the Supervisor of Insurance when NALGICO was allowed to take customers’ premiums without being prudently run as an insurance company, the more reason to use your good influence to get Mr. Phillip to meet his debt – if only on humanitarian and moral grounds.

My claim is $ 273,296.41, plus interest, dating back to 2004.

Brian Pitt

Survivor of Hurricane Ivan 2004,

Victim of NALGICO’S collapse

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