n retrospect: What legacy are we prepared to leave for our children?

I applaud the initiative of the Drum Fest. I think that it is an excellent opportunity to showcase the talents of our youths and it is a positive contribution to the culture of our nation.

Hats off to the St. Joseph’s Convent, St. George’s, for placing second in this year’s competition. They were decently dressed; with a creative choreographed presentation which reflected the standard of excellence of the institution and the words of Ms. Pierre who in part communicated to the team that, “we are going out there to have fun without all the unnecessary waist movement. We are going to show that we can have fun and still make it clean”. Indeed you were a breath of fresh air to me.

I felt demoralised, as I witness the “dance hall” vulgarity presented by another of the capital’s all girl school, which in my opinion, has no place in the formal repertoire of school children. Later, I made a conscious decision to stop looking as I heard the “rolly polly smut” being heralded. As part of the act, an obese female student gave a performance, in portrayal of the “rolly polly” lewdness. The crowd seemed to have cheered loudest at the display of the vulgarities by our nation’s children. Is this acceptable?

To think that responsible adults would have played a pivotal role in the preparation of the participants; the teachers who we as parents trust to assist in mentoring our children into moral, law abiding, learned citizens, is truly alarming and frightening.

Some may dismiss this observation as biased and an attack of “our culture”. While culture reflects the way of life of a people, I always got the impression and still believe, that culture is or should I say “was” positive. The culture of the day however seems to suggest that a wanton decadence has pervaded our sense of morality, and the rights and privileges of the child robbed the cradle of its childhood innocence, lending itself to an open sepulcher with no distinction between a child and the adult. When I grew up, a child was a child.

But then again, who is to be blamed? For the purpose of discussion, I understand King Ajamu being a cultural ambassador, a cultural icon. I have no idea how the message of “rolly polly” sells the Grenadian culture or elevate the status of the Grenadian woman. In my opinion, based on the principles of God’s Holy word, this song amounts to a lewd, immoral, piece of lyrical trash; the epitome of female degradation and demoralization.

The “message”: A perverse delusion to “plus size” women (vulgarly referred to as “rolly pollies”), made to feel good about themselves by affirming that they can do all the smut and filth that a “skinny woman” can do; … and trust me, in a more abhorring and seditious manner. This is the culture our children are led to embrace. What legacy are we leaving for our children?

In all of this the church seem to have lost its voice; we the parents have become too busy to notice, as society turns a blind eye and our children become more desensitised, immoral and godless. This is definitely no parent’s dream for their children!

The Bible admonishes us to “train up the child in the way that he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it”, (Proverbs 22:6). In this regard:

I challenge the nation’s pastors to reclaim their position as the moral authority of our beloved nation, Grenada. Be the voice of truth and righteousness. Be the voice of conscience in our land. Speak up and speak out.

I call on our ministers of government to be responsible in legislation, policies, conduct, decision making and prescribed sanctions to ensure that our children are earnestly protected and not left vulnerable.

I call on parents to be responsible in ensuring zero tolerance to the brainwashing of our children by the spirit of sensuality and godlessness and the perverted ideology of children’s rights as dictated by the world’s standards.

I call on teachers to be role models worth emulating and not left wanting in the balance, reducing your influence to that of a lethal weapon of mass destruction.

I call on the Christians of the nation to arise as watchmen and war in prayer as never before for our children, our nation’s future. All is not lost. Let us claim Grenada as a sheep nation unto the glory of Almighty God.

I am tired of being a closet Christian. Today, I embrace my calling as a responsible patriot, by taking a stand and challenge you to do the same. Let us restore the broken breaches of our nation by weaving again the unraveled moral fabric of Grenada to ensure the legacy of a sound future for the next generation.

Christian Custodian

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