Letter to PM Keith Mitchell

1223 E 86Th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236

Dr. the Right Hon. Keith Mitchell
Prime Minister of Grenada
Ministerial Complex,
6th Floor
Botanical Gardens
St. George’s – Grenada, W.I

Mr. Prime Minister,

I am led to believe we as a people and government have forgotten about boosting our country’s education standard. I remember some time ago Grenada was 3rd in the Caribbean in education, second to Trinidad and Barbados, only because of our small population.

I say all this to highlight the mostly non-existent state of our public library system. The well-known public library building badly needs repair, with the educational materials and books that used to be housed there are now housed at our National Stadium (if it still is). I spent the year of 2012 in Grenada and on my return was looking forward to patronising the library only to be told we no longer have a public library system.

As an alumnus of the Grenada Boy’s Secondary School and T.A. Marryshow Community College, I enjoyed study sessions and doing research in that said library and I think some emphasis should be put into restoring the whole system.

I once heard a new location was being looked into to house the library, not sure of any truth to that. Then I heard the Carenage location will be repaired (again not sure of any truth to that statement). I think there are people out there who feel strongly about the library and its current condition, and as such have formulated a few ideas in my head and on paper to help with a rebuilding project.

1. This project should be a Grenadian project funded by Grenadians at home and abroad not the government.

2. Since a new location is apparently being sought, why not use the now (Ivan) destroyed Parliament building (York House) since the new one will be located on Lowthers Lane at the old GG’s site. I personally think it’s a good location. (N.B) – This idea came from a friend with whom I was discussing the library situation )

3. The reconstructions process must involve the secondary schools and tertiary educational institutions on the island, many of which have a construction and/or drafting curriculum. We should use our youths, who I think would greatly benefit from this experience.

4. This project must be managed by an external organisation. My choice will be a bank and none other than the Grenada Co-operative Bank. In my view by doing that we will eliminate division which we know exists while saying it’s the people’s project that is if we are realist.

5. Of course, although being abroad now, I will like to be involved.

Mr. Prime Minister I think this is a project that needs to be put in place soon. It is imperative to the development of our youths as well as adults. I do understand the present state of the Grenada’s economy and I would not entertain the thought of having government or anyone in government go running to this country or that country to stretch their hands out for more loans or event grants.

We do not want to add a mountain of debt on top of another mountain already there. I think the Grenadian people home and in the diaspora can undertake this venture.

Mr. Prime Minister, I draw your attention to an (article) in the “The New Today” dated Friday, February 28th, 2014 by The Willie Redhead Foundation and echo their concerns. Here the foundation suggests Mr. Bowen revisit his decision on condemning York House and eventual demolishing it. Yes it may take a little longer to restore but in the end it will serve the country well with two functions.

While they are looking at the preservation of York House as an historical and tourism icon and I look at it as the new location for a state of the art library, they both serve the same purpose, and that’s for the preservation of a historic landmark.

I do hope that my suggestions above can be explored in more detail and I greatly anticipate the reinstatement of our public library in Grenada once again.
Thanking you for your time and attention in this important matter.

Stanley L. Roberts Jr

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