Disability claims must be clean and clear!

Whether it is locally, regionally or internationally – people who are receiving disability benefits must be clean and clear at all times.

One cannot put in a claim for disability benefits and be seen doing things which such benefits do not make allowances for while he/she is collecting.  It does not matter how long, in the case of the United States of America –  such actions are frowned upon to the point where “it ha’ jail in dat”!

Private Companies and even government entities to include local, state and federal, usually use the services of under cover investigators to ascertain the truth of the matter – so that they are not conned into paying out benefits to people who can work and are working while they continue to collect “additional free money”.

It is a Federal Offense in the US to collect Uncle Sam’s scarce resources under false pretence.

If even it is a top official in a country – whether Prime Minister, Governor General or President (ceremonial or executive), foreign Affairs Minister or whoever – the United States frowns on such behaviour and would not stand idly by and accept the continued disbursement of their tax dollars when one is actively employed.

This would only show the measure of the individual.  One may wonder where this is going. But it is not going any where but to draw a simple example that if a person who holds even the highest office in any country, who may have had some form of status in the US which qualifies him/her to collect disability, never mind how long ago, if disability benefits were paid out to any such individual, once he/she takes up a position which is “googleable”, it means that that person is working and therefore should surrender the receipt of such benefits.

Failure to do so voluntarily, could lead to a form of embarrassment that such individual may not be able to withstand. In our region we have several citizens who hold dual citizenship who must be careful in their dealings – as Uncle Sam has his way of catching up.

In our case here, we have an Embassy whose responsibility it is to provide free and clear information to its government through its State Department in Washington.

Anyone here in Grenada who may be guilty of such may wish to take the matter in hand and throw themselves at the mercy of the US before things get out of hand and bring further shame and scandal to us.

IRS Informant

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