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For some time now there has been much talk of construction of roads to be carried out by CCC.

In like manner quite a lot was said about the construction of a hotel (Ritz Carlton) – both have not come about, or may I say, yet. By the way I once said to someone, in the case of the latter, “that and a green donkey you won’t see’. Wish that I am proven wrong.

If there is going to be construction of much roads there definitely will be need for large quantities of aggregate/stones. Firstly, from where will such be sourced? Secondly, is there appropriate working machine (equipment) on site? Where is/will be the site because in the past Mt.Hartman was used. Will that site be used again? If so, how long will supply last?

You see if government is truly interested in development, certain factors must/ should be given serious consideration, chief of which, in the case of the hotel and the quarry, is the health of our people and potential visitors to the hotel.

The health of residents in that area was affected when the quarry was in full operations as a result of the dust, which also put a huge financial burden on the residents to keep their homes clean and added to that the blasting at times cause fright/damage as a result of flying stones among other things.

There was much complaints and promises made to rectify the situation even to recite the operations. Government has agreed to meet with the residents; a meeting was arranged but was cancelled because of the visit of President Fidel Castro of Cuba.

I do not recall that a meeting was rescheduled or held. Now, has government given any thought of the residents complaints recently? Have they considered the adverse effects that quarrying could/would have on residents and visitors at the hotel?

I feel certain that government and Grenadians will love to see a 5-star hotel in operation down there and as such, since there is little or no equipment at the Mt.Hartman site, it is an appropriate time to relocate operations to another site.

Simeon Green

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