Oh what a disappointment!!!

A registered sex offender comes into Grenada under the watch of officials of our Ministry of the Interior to include our much improved Immigration Officers.

I don’t know what this tells you – but I know it tells me that we either do not have the capacity/capability to perform much needed due diligence – or we are so desperate for INVESTMENT, that we are prepared to turn a blind eye in our effort to turn our ailing economy around and DELIVER the many “empty” promises made to the unsuspecting people during the 2013 election campaign.

Every law abiding and decent Grenadian ought to be concerned that in these technological times when our very Prime Minister is CARICOM’s point man on Science and Technology, that we will miss the mark to use Google, as our first step to cursorily check on anyone who wants to hold our citizenship and parade the world with our passport.

In some quarters we have heard that too many failed elements of questionable character are allowed to get involved in our local politics and so we should encourage and support people with a track record of success in business or any profession to get involved.

Support from unusual quarters was forthcoming for the two “pale faces” in the current administration who were thought to have not only means, but in the case of one in particular – a values driven background based on sound religious (spiritual) grounding.

The things one hears today about that one in particular leave one to wonder why people who are known to have more, often than not seem to lack understanding and appreciation of the concept of enough. Isn’t politics about service?

If this one would have used his/her own funds to successfully campaign during the last election, why is it appearing that it is about making back that money and then much more?

Why does that so-called decent one appear to be the new bag-man/woman on the blocks for the already mangled and flawed character whose desperation continues to act as a magnet for scumbags?

Wonders never cease; they only increase in Grenada. Can we trust anyone whose charge is to protect our international image when that person’s main attraction to political office is to make as much as he/she can make while in office?

How important would thorough screening of international crooks, conmen, drug lords, terrorists and other agents of the underworld be to such a reward driven individual?

The local US Embassy needs to pay close attention to this development before our passports end up in the wrong hands for the purpose of gaining entry to the US, while agents of such transactions fare well.

It is quite clear that in the process of earning above and beyond his/her salary, such person would obviously slip up and place our country on the list of rogue states whose passports are not worth anything.

Can you imagine if this person has any charge over our international business development sector – what kind of people would be attracted to Grenada? Should we allow anyone who is so money driven, to get close to our Citizenship by Investment Program (selling our passports), we would be very, very sorry, indeed!

You know we are in a bad place when individuals with supposed good upbringing who used such platform to get elected turn out to be perceived to be so base.




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