The costly mistakes!!!

Because of circumstances I was not able to listen to the early part of the discussion but I will like to state emphatically that the Prime Minister in order to make him and his administration not look bad in the eyes of Grenadians in particular, admitted that he, his party and his administration made mistakes not only as other administrations in Grenada, but also the private sector, the Trade Unions, etc. and in like manner persons and administrations in the developed countries.

I would like to point out two areas just for what they are worth.


(1). He and his administration are LARGELY responsible for the terrible economic situation we as Grenadians are in and he should not ask me as he asked the female caller on the program to state the lies he told us – since the lies have been spoken of by many, time and time again: the destruction of the old hospital buildings, which no doubt has caused him to admit that he/they have made mistakes as other Prime Ministers and governments of Grenada and developed countries. Copy Cats.


(2). It is an established fact that Grenlec over the years has been making tremendous profit and that they could easily absorb the cost as a result of the removal of the concession/s government/s had been giving them. All companies exist to make profit, despite being a corporate citizen, and every area is explored or taken advantage of to make more profit.

What Grenlec has to do is to develop the alternative area enabling the cost to be less as the Prime Minister stated and all will benefit.

The removal should have been done long ago. The same apply to most concessions granted by the administrations as it is evident that developers/hoteliers to put it lightly outwitted this administration numerous instances leaving Grenada as it were holding an empty bag.

The so-called developers prostituted the administration; however, I will admit that type of behaviour is not new to Grenada for as early as in the days when Pioneer Status was granted to some companies not only in Grenada; when the five (5) years grace period was up they packed up and left to do the same thing in another island.



Simeon Green

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