Laws governing mechanic work

In Grenada, beautiful Grenada, it seems to be anything goes, mechanic shops all over the road, repairing, spraying, body work, any kind of work polluting the air, and blocking the road, yet no authority to guide the defacement of an area with broken bottles, old oil, etc. and when you call the police you get wrong and marked.

Grenada is going down a filthy road, for people today only care about themselves and not country – selfish, yet they say they love their country.  So many want easy work, there’s no easy work all work hard; nicer the work look, harder it is brain bursting.

Most people of all ages are careless, vehicles parking on curves, bad driving in front of people’s gaps and on their entrance yard. There can be no tourist attraction for the whole of Grenada should be beautified to give visitors a sense of cleanliness, no obstruction on the road, people disrespect other peoples right.

It is people’s right to care about their places as they see fit. They are pulled down by one another, no support and yet they cry out Grenada hard, they are the ones making it hard. Lands that make America and Israel on top of the world.

We don’t want to dirty our hands in the land, we want to dirty it in the slave master invention – vehicles. Lands do not pollute the earth but vehicles do.  More importantly lands do not depreciate yet they care, every second they driving, later they walking or in the garage spending more; think of it, poor Grenada, for in every standard of living you find that low attitude, it’s hate, they don’t want to see another have.

People fail to realise that the “fumes” that we inhale into our lungs is the killer of us that’s why so many of our people are dying. If Government put parking meters on the streets of St.George’s plus tickets for bad parking they will get enough to repair the roads.

The slave mentality is still in many of us.  Hatred for those that pave and act stupid but if you too nice you get tramp. Religion relax religion, no fear of God is what have us in Grenada acting the way we do.


Grenadian Lover


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