Know your history!!!

In a recent interview with a Ghanaan Cardinal of the Roman Catholic church on the BBC Programme “Hard Talk”, the interviewer Zena Badawi said to the Cardinal that had he succeeded in becoming the next Pope ahead of Pope Francis, he would have been the first Black (African) pope of the Roman Catholic Church…

I do not know whether or not Ms.Badaic and the BBC, or for that matter the Cardinal himself are aware of it, nevertheless, I would like to inform them that there were three African Popes of the Roman Catholic Church.

They are as follows: “Pope Victor (189-199 AD), Melchiades (311-312) and Saint Gelasius (496 AD). It was Melchiades who led christianity to final triumph against the Roman Empire!!

The foregoing is a reminder to people of African lineage that there is a conspiracy by Caucasian to deny Africans their place in history.  We should encourage our people, especially the young to discover the truth about their origin and the contribution made by their ancestors to world civilisations; for, as is often said: “A people with no knowledge of their history are like a tree without roots.



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