A good move!!!


­­­Please allow me space in your paper to comment on the New Chocolate Plant to be opened at Diamond, St. Marks.

First of all let me congratulate the Grenada Cocoa Board for continuing to implement my dream of now producing Grenada Chocolate at last.

It is my hope that we would not only produce high quality bulk Chocolate and Couverture but also finished Chocolate products such as “Bean To Bar” products, Truffles of varying types, Bon Bon of varying types and also Coated Dried Fruit pieces, dried nuts,etc.

It is my hope that we will also manufacture sufficient high quality chocolate mass and powders, and cocoa butter to make white Chocolate, dark Chocolate, and items for making Cocoa Butter creams involving young persons, existing producers of Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Balls and Chocolate Sticks with their own recipes for making special “COCOA TEAS”.

It is my prayer that God may give the Cocoa Board the foresight to tap into the existing “ Know How” available so that the potential $100,000,000.00 (Hundred Million Dollars) now attainable may be made available and passed on to us the Cocoa Farmers and workers of the State of Grenada.

As indicated always, I am offering any Assistance which I am able to provide to Grenada and to the Grenada Cocoa Association.

We are literally sitting on a “Gold mine “ that we do not appreciate. We must now realise that we are in the Big League not in the Little League. We are now in the Global Village and that we are way ahead of the Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association (GCNA) and we can really help the New Economy.

Finally may I suggest that we touch bases with the Grenada Chocolate Company in Belmont, St. Patrick and work with them for the good of Grenada.

Soon I shall publish my real Dream for the Chocolate Industry as you see we have moved from CACAO (Theobroma cacao) through to Cocoa Beans to Chocolate where the money is.


Dr. E.Reginald Buckmire, MBE

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