The ungrateful master

Sometime ago I heard a middle aged man from St.Andrew’s made a statement saying, “Politics is the most grateful  thing”.  This man is entitled to his opinion, but I am saying Politicians are the most ungrateful of all especially the one who hides to take out his purse from his pocket to open it.

I said the above to say the following: It was Tuesday 5th Nov 2013, I attended a funeral at St. Paul’s at the People’s Church, After the funeral, I went down by the Taylor shop which was not too far from the church, I saw Seppy Bullen and a short dark woman I do not know her name but people say is Seppy’s cousin, she was standing near to the road, while Seppy was standing near to the Taylor shop.

I sat on a bench near to the door, now where I sat the road was in plain view, I could have seen every vehicle or person passing the road.  Some people by  now may know that Seppy walks brake-up as a result of knee problems, he cannot move as quick as before when he worked for his former master.

As I sat there, I saw Seppy’s former master who also attended the funeral passed with his van, blew his horn and went his way, he was alone in the van, he passed Seppy and the dark woman without stopping and offering them a ride, knowing that his former servant (Seppy) who exaulted and defended his name in the St.George South-east Constituency now broke up and cannot move as before because of pain in his knees.

Seppy served his master with diligence for more than 14 years.  Some may say his former master is ungrateful but I am saying he has forgotten him.  I can remember the days when Seppy went to St. Paul’s among other areas in the St.George South East Constituency defending and exalting his masters name, he used to stop by what was called the black shop at St. Paul’s owned by a man called Selwyn Murray A.K.A lock who is no longer with us.

There was a man whose name was Anthony Lewis aka Bossie, he too is no longer with us.  There was a day when Bossie said to Seppy.  “Seppy the time will come when you will say had I but served God as diligently as I served my master he would have delivered me in my grey hairs”.

Bossie has died some years ago, the black shop is now history, but what Bossie told Seppy is still in my memory.

I never thought of writing an article but when I saw a man like “Seppy” rejected it gave me the urge to write this article.  I am the father of six children, I have already warned them though we all voted for Seppy’s master, I told them do not go down that road Seppy went down, keep away from some of those half cooked, pot sweat Politicians especially the one who bears grudges.

Before closing there is something that was very disturbing, the Sunday before Christmas Seppy’s master had a christmas tree lighting near a shop at Hope Vale cross road less than a stone throw away from where Steppy lives, Seppy was not told of it neither did his master pay him a visit knowing that Seppy is broke up.

This I can safely say is ungratefulness. I would not like to have received that kind of rewards for hard work as Seppy received.

Fellow countrymen I have much more to say but time does not permit me to do so now but if the Lord permits me, I shall write again.


The Peasant

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