Men are crying out

Men are finally coming forward to report incidents of domestic violence meted out to them.

That’s the word coming from an official of the Grenada National Organisation of Women (GNOW), Bernadette Bartholomew.

Although not armed with statistics, Bartholomew who appeared on a television programme said that men are also victims of domestic violence.

“We at GNOW we deal with gender, and gender deals with people, and once a man comes across if we can’t help them we send them to Legal Aid,” she said.

However, Bartholomew indicated that gender based violence and domestic violence are more prevalent for women than men.

The GNOW official believes that with education, people are now coming forward to report incidents of domestic violence.

Bartholomew is satisfied that enough is being done to shelter women from their abusive male partners.

She said that GNOW along with the Ministry of Social Development are now in the process of improving their services to protect women.

She identified the lack of finance as one of the biggest challenges facing the organization.

However, Bartholomew said her organization is not daunted by the task of addressing domestic violence and gender based violence.

During this year, much attention is being placed on health issues.

Bartholomew said GNOW is directing its attention on HIV and AIDS, Human Populous Virus (HPV).

The organisation will be linking HIV and AIDS to domestic violence and violence against women.

According to Bartholomew, gender based violence has a lot to do with the negotiation of “safe sex” which she said has a lot to do with HIV and AIDS.

With regards to HPV, Bartholomew announced that GNOW will be working along with the St. George’s University, Cancer Society and the Planned Parenthood association to screen women for cervical cancer.


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