Forty (40) years in the wilderness

This year marked the 40th Anniversary of Grenada’s “Independence” but sadly I do not celebrate the occasion, not because I do not like the idea of independence but because we are not independent; we won’t be for a long time.  We were never prepared for independence.

I apologise to my readers if I sound self-congratulatory, but I did oppose independence from the outset.  I returned from New York for two weeks in 1974 to campaign and demonstrate against independence under Eric Gairy who at that time had shown all the signs of a dictator, a carbon copy of Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, one of the worst dictators in Latin America.  I was right then and I am still right today.  Take a look at Webster’s definition of Independence:


-Not influenced by others

-Not depending or contingent upon something else

-Not relying on another for aid support

– Refusing to be under obligation to others


Where does Grenada fit in with any of the definitions above?  It can’t satisfy any, so I can’t join the “Pappy-Show”.  I shall be working my lands at Hope in an effort to help my country become independent while you jump up and wave the colours of our flag, (beautiful colours indeed)


We are quite deficient in the attributes that are required for true nationhood:


(1).  Political maturity and understanding of democracy – when to lead and when to step down.


Particularly, leaders must be aware of when they have reached their level of incompetence (as our   present Prime Minister has).


(2). A sense of duty  – hard work and proficiency – always to do a little more than what is expected of you.


(3). A sense of right and wrong – when to say “yes” and when to say “no”.


(4). A sense of pride – appreciation for truth and beauty, decency and cleanliness.


(5). Above all love for your neighbour, poor, rich, ugly, comely or otherwise: in corporation of godliness – a helping hand whenever necessary.


As I think of the above, we are still in the wildness after forty years of bungling.  We have not yet realised our heavenly father had given us the Garden of Eden, Grenada with a topography and richness of soil second to none in this universe; but with lack of vision stuffed with ignorance, and stupidity, we have turned his blessings into a curse.  Yet he still loves us and has been sending us clear warnings as we continue to burden ourselves with selfish, coward and evil leaders.

Those of us who are old enough should remember Hurricane Janet in 1955 after Eric Gairy introduced “Sky Red” and the “Mongoose Gang”, followed by the PRG of Maurice Bishop and Bernard Coard, who put my poor trusting brothers and sisters under “heavy manners” forcing them to seek refuge in the USA and Canada.

Then pop – the “implosion” that resulted in the bloody massacre of innocent women and children.  But we did not get the message, we saddled ourselves with Keith Cladius Mitchell who brought in questionable characters and for thirteen long years (13) ignored agriculture and helped like others to poison our soil and ground water with the importation of gramazone and other weedicide and pesticide.

The creation of the Perseverance Dump, now a mountain of dangerous chemical that will be contaminating our coastal water and oceans for the next fifty (50) years or more increasing the curse of the two (2) previous administration.  Enough already! said the Lord.

So came “Emily and Ivan” back to back, one two punches, to wake us up. Our heavenly father had not forsaken us, he still loves us so in 2008 he gave us a reprieve with the advent of Tillman Thomas; an honest, clean and decent man. But honest Tillman dropped the ball by soiling his administration with members of the Coard and Bishop gang.  “Implosion” again.

But ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, the good Lord who blessed us with this eden is not asleep. He is going to make us pay for our wickedness and stupidity.  We have not yet realised that we have turned our Eden into a wilderness; so Mitchell is back, the man steeped in Karma – the man of Ivan and Emily, Citizen-ship by investment programme, devices so putrid even our pigs cannot tolerate the stench.

I trembled as I wrestled with the consequences of our choices of leaders.  I am filled with sadness because I thought by the 40th year of Independence we would have emerged from the wilderness. But of the many warnings, telling us that we are on the wrong track, going the wrong way, we are not hearing nor seeing, like we are too dense to heed these warnings.  Well brothers and sisters three strikes and you are not.


– Gairy – Janet

-PRG – Implosion and Massacre

-Keith Mitchell – Ivan and Emily, Perseverance Abomination and Peter De Savary and also Crooks and Con-men.


Yet we have brought back this man of Ivan and Emily, the man already steeped in Karma. I think that George Grant was charitable by asking God “to bless Keith”.  Grant, I believe, has forgotten that God is the supreme mathematician who has given Keith his prime number of thirteen (13).

Well Keith has attained his prime.  His days of thinking beyond this prime is over (and so are the nincompoops around him); he is finish, done, KAPUTS! So the catastrophe is imminent, as the night follows the day, it is coming.  I haven’t a clue which form it will take; HURRICANE, TORNADO, TSUNAMI, VOLCANO, INCURABLE PESTILENCE OR CIVIL WAR.

We keep compounding the curse by naming our streets, buildings and other locations after these incompetent leaders. We shall never be independent as long as as we keep honouring and memorialising these frauds. With the churches supporting Keith Mitchell the omens are clear! I fear the worst is yet to come. This time all eyes will be opened. No one will drop the ball again.

We shall be cognisant of the metaphysical truth “that what goes around comes around”.  We shall realise that we are not in the wilderness but under God’s blessings in the” Garden of Eden” with true independence our birth right.


Dennis Canning

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