Declaration of assets

I understand that the Prime Minister is said to have declared his assets and all Grenadians eyes are open about it.

But I just want to bring to your attention these two facts. There is something about declaring your assets; and saying how much you worth. If the Prime Minister says that he has worth of nineteen million dollars that’s how much he is worth and this is not a declaration of his assets.

If I should take the time to state what declaration of asset means is this:

“Declaration of asset is a SWORN statement made by an individual notarized by a Notary, Lawyer or a Commissioner on oath about his/her assets. These includes a list of all things that you own, its location and approximate value of them”.

This is my definition of declaration of assets; because the law in Grenada speaks of making a false declaration.

That’s what a declaration of assets entails – it must be both Fixed assets which includes: premises, land, machinery, furniture and fittings, vehicles, aeroplane etc and current assets which includes cash in bank, cash in hand, stock, shares, including shares or interest in any company, stocks, debtors etc.

So Grenadians better not be fooled into believing that the PM declared his assets. The person who declare his assets MUST sign a declaration because it can have legal consequences thereafter so the Prime Minister must now publish in the Gazette and in the local newspaper a copy of that (legal documentation) where he declared his assets which can have legal ramifications in the future.

Because let’s say if assets are declared in 2014 and it shows that an account in the PM name is in Antigua with $15,000 on it opened in 2009 and this was not one of the assets declared, the PM can be charged criminally for making a false declaration.

The accounts MUST state the balance as at a particular date and if after one year that balances let’s say amounts to over three million or so dollars, he would have to show how he came by that three million and can also be liable for corruption proceedings.

What he the PM has done is just say how much he is worth and not declared his assets. I just want to bring this to your attention.


Assets Keeper

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