Where is the $4 million?

I, more than any one else, looked earnestly forward for the commencement of the Parliament Building. As a matter of fact I was speaking very recently to a young man and said to him, if there was one project that I felt certain that was going to start very soon was the construction of the Parliament Building, only to learn a day or two later that the Australian Government has withdrawn its pledge towards its construction.

According to Mr.Lloyd Noel, the Australian government needed the funds for some project in Australia; Mr.Trevor Bullen said that people will be looking for a reason; Mr. Steele said that the Tony Abbot Government has pulled out the aid pledge, but Mr.Steele did not say why,nor did I hear Mr.Gregory Bowen state why it was done.

Was there any condition under which the pledge was made which was not kept by either the former or present administration? Was there a time limit for the commencement of the project? Is it that the present administration prefer someone other than the former CTO Harris in the role he had to play?

I have no problem with the claim that $1m was spent on preliminary work. My question is – was the $5m handed over to the government of Grenada? If so, where is the $4m balance now? Was any part of it used by this administration and if so for what purpose? Was the money for the construction of Parliament Building and the Governor General’s residence?

You see, my heart seems to be palpitating somewhat above normal as I remember what happened with the funds in the cases of the Mt.Hartman and Levera projects. Money gone and there was/is no value for those monies.

 Simeon Green

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