No sign there!!!

On Thursday, February 6, vehicle PAD 499 was parked on a spot marked off on the Carenage, in the vicinity of Andall Supermarket.  There was no writing on the spot nor was there any posted notice stating anything, but there was a policeman ticketing at which time a man, decked in our national colours, came running to the vehicle and pleading to the officer, who asked him for his driver’s license, which was given while talks continued between them.

The man was heard to say among other things…”but there is no sign there” and continued to plead.

A number of persons, at different points among them were policemen looked on.  I would like to know if the policeman was justified to ticket that gentleman for parking in that area?

The gentleman may decide to pay the fine, since to contest it may be somewhat time consuming and costly, even though there is a possibility of him winning and by the way, I think that the public should be informed that a letter dated 20/1/2014 was addressed to the Commissioner of Police pointing out among other things, that the sign which was once there is no longer there and if that area is designated for persons to embark and disembark to and from buses that a sign should be so errected there expeditiously.

The Commissioner of Police acknowledged receipt of my letter by his letter of 23/1/2014, but to date no sign has been placed there and now here it is that a motorist is hastled/ticketed.

How long will this type of behaviour go on?

Simeon Green


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