What a shame/disgrace

Mrs. Alexander Otway-Noel

Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation & Culture

Ministerial Complex


St. George’s


It was and still is a wonderful thing to have unsung heroes brought to light and I would have liked to wholeheartedly say “hats off” to all those who caused such a thing to be manifested resulting in plaque/s to be erected at the Tri-Centenary Park, in the vicinity of Fort George, naming persons, who by and large contributed in one form or another towards the building of the town of St.George’s over the past three hundred years.

However, what a disgrace and shame that after the names of persons were submitted and the areas in which they made valuable contributions that the designation of Steady (Steadman) Green, who numerous people particularly in Grenada and further afield knew that he was a reknowned Blacksmith and a PREACHER was designated an Athlete. Why?

While some may claim that one of his sons was an athlete, that athlete could by no stretch of imagination come before that man of God. Steady’s son was among those who gave insights of some of those unsung heroes and announced that Steady was a Blacksmith/Preacher.

The erroneous designation was brought to light after one of his great grand daughters, who visited the park over one and a half years ago questioned the designation, which was brought to the attention of some of the key persons of the whole exercise: the concern who did the making and erecting of the plaque/s; a gentleman who was a leading figure in getting the names of such persons and also the Chief of the whole exercise who is no longer in the position.

I personally spoke to all of them and pointed out it is so bad to have locals as well as visitors taking pictures of such with that error and advised that the error

should be blotted out/off at least if it could not be corrected.

What a shame that to date the error has not been attended to and I shudder to hear and hate to believe that a statement was made to the effect that “there are more important things to be done”.

Where is our pride? We should always strive to have things done correctly; our history should be always correctly recorded.

Finally I feel very strong that my father would have resented strenuously any designation of what he was not. He was a blacksmith and most likely would have felt honoured to know that he left a legacy of also being a Preacher of the word of God.

Simeon Green

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