Food for thought!!!

A short time ago, I happened to be in Sauteurs on business. Having completed my affairs I was desperately in need of a cup of coffee. I was told to try Helena’s. Tucked neatly near the Post Office, I found the place. When I entered, I stood a while in surprise. The place was spotlessly clean, lilly white tablecloths, silver gleaming and the floor tiles polished.

There was a great aroma of food coming from the kitchen. Before I was seated a young lady appeared. I ordered my coffee and a sandwich and sat back. Within minutes my order came, and with it my second surprise! Not only was my tray complete with hot water jug, but there was sugar and cream in nice little containers also! My sandwich was warm to the touch, complete with all the trimmings (FRESH!).

The waiters politely inquired whether I had enough hot water, or needed anything more. Having convinced her that everything was to my liking, I proceeded to enjoy my meal. Before I was done the owner herself came over, and with a pleasant smile asked if I was okay. At which point I couldn’t help but compliment her. She modestly replied that she aimed to please and believed in making customers happy since without their patronage, she would be out of existence.

A simple rule, but one which has made the difference in the rise and fall of many a business. So often I have experienced ordering a cup of coffee or tea, only to have a lukewarm cup dumped before me, with either too much or too little sugar and cream. What if I was diabetic? And how dare I raise objections. So a ‘little” thing like being able to add my own sugar and cream made a ‘big’ difference!

And the washroom? Complete with paper towels, air freshener, hand towels and even a tray of magazines to read. Even the sink, mirror and toilet bowl gleaner with cleanliness! As a former manager of a Tourist Resort myself, I can only give Madame Helena a big thumbs up.

When I left, I was given a card and what was the slogan below? Very aptly, “Food for thought”, well I ate the food and this is what I thought.

Anyone reading this, whenever you are in Sauteurs make sure you stop by Helena’s Ocean view Restaurant & Bar, grab a seat on the terrace with a fantastic view of the Ocean and enjoy a great meal.

Food for thought.


Miss Gairy

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