On February 6th 1974 my mother went into labour, I was born on February 7th 1974. My mother’s name is England and my father was Eric Matthew Gairy, they called me Grenada Independence.

Lots of people did not support my birth. At the maternity ward there was no electricity, so I was delivered under vehicle lights. My birth place was Fort Frederick. My mother left me with my father Eric Gairy, who took care of me and watched me grow and develop. Lots of negative things were said about my father Eric. Some called him obeah man, others dictator.

On March 13th 1979, I was kidnapped by Maurice Bishop and his friends, they said it was a revolution. Maurice became my adopted father, he took care of me for four and a half years. He was not a rich man so he asked Fidel Castro of Cuba to help with my upbringing. An international airport was constructed so lots of friends could visit me.

At the age of nine my uncle Bernard Coard and his cousins tried to kidnap me, they killed my adopted father Maurice and some of his children; they were executed on October 19th 1983 on Fort George.

Hudson Austin vowed to shoot anyone as soon as he sighted them; it was curfew time no one must leave their house. My neighbours Ronald Regan and Eugenia Charles did not like the way I was being treated, and on October 25th 1983 they sent their sons to help me, some called it rescue mission, others invasion.

I was placed into foster care. Bernard and sixteen of his cousins were sent to prison. I was later adopted by Nicholas Brathwaite who took care of me for a short time. In 1984 I was placed in the care of Herbert Augustus Blaize until his death in December 1989.

My cousin Ben Jones took care of me, and in 1990 Nicholas returned and continued to care for me once more. In 1995 Nicholas was not in the best of health, he then asked George Ignatius Brizan to assist. At the end of 1995, George sent me to live with Keith Cladius Mitchell.

In 1997 the sad news came, my father Eric Matthew Gairy died. I continued in the care of Keith until July 8th 2008 when Tillman Thomas saw it fit to take me in his care. After four-and-a-half years Tillman Thomas and some of his children could not agree and they were put out of his house.

My family began to complain that Tillman could not care for me and advised Keith to take me back, so on the 20th February 2013 I went to live with Keith until this day.

I am now 40 years old; it’s my birthday, thanks to all who cared for me during these difficult years.



Frank James Augustine

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