Letter to Clarice Modeste-Cowen

Honorable Minister Modeste-Cowen

Minister of Health

Ministerial Complex





I am writing to you as the Minister with responsibility for the National Insurance Insurance Scheme.

I have contributed to the Scheme in my working years, and have now attained the retirement age of sixty.

I have a serious disagreement with the Director of the Scheme with regards to me aged pension, and as such must take my disagreement to the Appeals Tribunal of the Scheme as provided by law. Unfortunately for me, the scheme has been without an Appeals Tribunal since February 2013.

Madam Minister, it is my understanding that the appointment of the Appeals Tribunal falls under your jurisdiction. This being the case, I am begging you please, can you use your good office in seeing to it that the Appeals Tribunal is appointed at the soonest possible time so that people with disagreements can have their matter addressed.

Thanking you in anticipation of a speedy and positive response.


Hawkins Brebner

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