Erect fencing and gates

Please allow me space in your newspaper to drop a few suggestions to the “Powers-that-be”.

Now that the Galvanize Sheets and other barriers have been removed from around our market, we in Grenville have been amazed at the beauty and cleanliness of our Market.

It is our hope and dream that this Market will be maintained and managed to ensure the place remains as built as long as possible.

As I discussed same with some of the residents of Grenville there are suggestions that some controls are built in and implemented as soon as possible

.These include:-

(1) Some sort of fencing and gates to close the access to the Grounds at selected times and these be enforced.

(2) There is need to enforce Prevention of Defacing of the walls and buildings by institution of punishments for defacing the walls. This can be linked with the Police and security Systems.

(3) There is need to take charge and enforce CONTROLS.

If there are any questions please contact me as I have some more suggestions.


Dr. E. Reginald Buckmire, MBE

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