Open letter to Ambrose Phillip

Mr Ambrose Phillip

General Manager

Grenada Ports Authority

The Carenage



Dear Sir,


Am I to believe that no one has ever complained about the deplorable conditions/activities which have been taking place on the Carenage, particularly in the area between Otway/Bailey Funeral Home and Food Fair? The disposal of faeces, oil from boats, into the sea the repairs to vessels along the side walk, mechanical, welding, wood-working among others?

As recent as Friday, January 3, 2014 at 10:00 am, the water in the area in front of Renwick and Thompson and George F. Huggins was covered in part with black and somewhat thick oil, while in front of Hubbards and former Huggins Lumber Department there was a man welding iron fender to the ship Little Desire F 11 while another was working away at rust and paint. Let me make it abundantly clear that the work carried out on that boat is not unique.

As one walked along the sidewalk, two women were to remark, “look at the oil in the water”, and made further references to the sea water in Trindad: they were further astounded as they walked along and noticed the amount of sparks flying as the welder carried out the task of welding iron fender into the vessel.

One is left to wonder if there are laws restricting such, especially in areas where pedestrians and motorists traverse! If yes, why is it that such is allowed to be carried out and unabated to the detriment of users? If no! Why is it that the authority is not pro-active? Are they awaiting damage, disablement of person/s, a catastrophe as a result of a fire? How many have read of one of the great fires of St.George’s, one of which was as a result of a ship which caught afire on the Carenage?

St.George’s harbour especially the inner harbour is reknowned as the most important picturesque in the Caribbean if not in the world, is in fact losing its beauty as a result of these activities, debris – oil, steel, wood. Plastic, all kinds of litter is either left on the walk way or thrown into the sea. What part does the Port Authority play or can play in such matters?

The number of trawlers, some of which are tied up along the wharf for months do not lend for enhancing the beauty, but harbours other activities also make it difficult for vehicles coming to berth and leave.

The problem is compounded as there is inadequate berth, as a result of the trawlers being there, for the discharging and loading of the vessels, causing traffic problems.

Why is it that the trawlers are permitted to clutter up the wharf? The yachts are either at the Yacht Club, Port Louis or moored outside. Why are the trawlers not instructed to moor/anchor elsewhere?

Now! Who is going to bell the cat? The Police, Port Authority or Government? Some entity is certainly responsible to see that all such activities on the Carenage are better controlled. I implore who ever has the authority to do what ought to have been done and to do so now.

Simeon Green

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