NDC Big Dilemma

It is no secret that the majority of Grenadians are calling for a change in political leadership in this country. Both men and women, young and old are calling for a uniter and someone who will change the direction in which our country is going.

Our biggest hope at this time is that for the first time in a very long time we can begin to create this type of history which we all so long for. As you may well know the NDC upcoming convention is a great place to start this process. As the NDC is about to change its leadership one can only hope for the best outcome at the convention.

It is my hope that the delegates will not only elect a leader who can talk good but one who will once again inspire hope in all of us as a nation that great things are ahead. It is also my hope that the leader elected will be one who we can be assured that will do all in his/her power to unite us once again, one that we can all trust and one that not only we as NDC supporters and members will vote for but one who the nation will vote for.

Oh how I wish if I was a delegate but unfortunately due to my alignments I cannot attend. I take this opportunity to write to all the delegates who will be attending this upcoming NDC convention. I want to say to you that despite all the backdoor moves that some in our party are trying to do I stand firm with my party because I believe better days are ahead for us.

I believe that at this time the best person to lead our party going forward and to unite us once again is none other than Mrs. Franka Alexis-Bernardine. I say this to you without the slightest reservation. I have known this lady all my life and many of you got to know her and see what she is made of during our party’s last term in government.

In all our Ministers I believe our dear lady and future Political Leader was the most outstanding government minister while in government. This woman worked tirelessly to create a brighter future for our children and grandchildren and her work will forever live on. She is a worker, she is a uniter, she is what Grenada needs now.

We need a woman now to lead this dear land of ours and not any woman but a strong well educated woman, a woman with a vision and direction and who knows how to take us to the next level.

While there are many calls for our dear brother V. Nazim Burke I want to take a minute or two to address you on this matter. Our dear brother is not seen by the majority of Grenadians as a uniter, as someone who will bring this country together.

I am not saying that our dear brother will not one day make a great Prime Minister, however I am asking you to think for a moment and ask yourself the question between V. Nazim Burke and Franka-Alxeis Bernardine who will the majority of Grenadians quicker vote for? Which one inspires more confidence in us and which one of them can we trust?

Our party is founded on a set of principles and core values that no other party in Grenada represents. Let us take a look at all our past leaders of our party and ask ourselves – does our dear brother represent these principles and core values?

I think we all know the answer to that. On the other hand Franka Alxeis Bernardine is the embodiment of these principles and core values. She will attract more people to our party; we need a fresh face for a change we cannot take any chances so let us make this happen now.

Franka Alexis Bernardine is currently being pushed aside for the leadership by her own colleague and former minister. Even the deputy position he is not prepared for her to have and wants Jospeh Andall to get that post. If we do not act now we will lose this dear woman, we need to stand with her and let her know we trust her and we will work with her to build our party back better than before.

While others around do everything in their power to promote Brother Burke on social media and radio let us do all in our power to stand with Franka. All our radio programmes from Brother Kem in the morning to Sister Jenny on Sundays are being used to promote only Brother Burke.

I ask you to ask yourself this question – why is it that no mention is being made of Sister Franka for leadership on these programmes, why is it that on Saturday last Sister Jenny used her whole Women’s Arm meeting to promote Burke and not even a word of Franka when she knows that Franka’s name is also down on that leadership paper?

Ask yourself these questions brothers and sisters, ask yourself why is it that Franka up to this day cannot come out and say she is running for the leadership and why at the same time she cannot say no she will not be running for it? On Sunday with George Grant she said she will be guided by the executive – do you know why she might have said that?

Well here is the answer Franka is waiting for the executive to give her the green light to go ahead with her nomination. She cannot come out and say it straight up because as much as she wants to offer herself up for service to this country and party her colleagues on the executive are calling for one choice to go forward for leadership as a rubber stamp for Mr. Burke.

I ask you to think on these things.

NDC Servant

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