NDC is much bigger than political parasites and insurrectionists

Efforts by certain known anti-democratic elements to undermine the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the party’s national convention on February 2 is in an exercise of futility and is wasting their time and energy. It is too late to stop the NDC yellow team in selecting a new political leader and future prime minister to represent the best interest of the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique,

The NDC is a political organisation that is fully committed to the democratic process. Every member or supporter of the organisation is free to express their views and opinion without fear, favour or ill-will. The party is all inclusive not in words but also in deeds with persons having their democratic rights to join and leave the party willingly. William Joseph is no exception.

William Joseph, former chief of staff in the NDC administration, resignation from the party was voluntary. It may be legitimate; however, his reasons for doing so are disingenuous, callous, anti democratic and downright ungrateful. It is as a result of the action of elements like William Joseph, Chester Humphrey, Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, Michael Church, Hamlet Mark and their cronies that Dr Mitchell has such a “bulldozer ” mentality towards the people of Grenada, including members of his own party and cabinet. He understands that, to survive in the Grenadian vicious political environment, he has to be ruthless. The entire country is suffering as a result of the personality battles between these men over the years.

The psychosomatic behaviour, contradictions, inconsistencies, lack of principle and moral bankruptcy of these elements speaks volume to the personality. These political miscreants seem incapable of dealing with the crisis that they are currently experiencing yet they want to lead a country and its people. The long term interest of the National Democratic Congress is better served with these elements out of the party.

Their hypocrisy, deceit, ungratefulness, vile and intellectual dishonesty is way beyond the imagination of any sensible human being. Dr Mitchell doesn’t trust anybody, having battled with these political prostitutes and pimps for years. The entire country is now suffering as a result of the callousness and deception of these serpent minded individuals and their likes.

Dr Mitchell once said that two bore rats can’t live in the same hole; it would be very interesting to see how all these ‘bore rats’ would live in the same hole. Dr Mitchell is slowly unmasking those masked men for the entire nation to see. Those that are morally bankrupt and unconscionable. Their day, when they will be finally held accountable by the people, is fast approaching.

The National Democratic Congress is a revered organisation. The party has thousands of very passionate members and supporters throughout the length and breadth of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The worst is over for the party and a new and vibrant breed of leaders in the persons of Nazim Burke, Franka Bernadine, George Vincent, Joseph Andall, Randell Robinson, Patrick Simmonds, Terry Hillaire, Ali Dowden, Adrian Persuader Thomas, Jenny Rapier, etc., supported by many political activists will carry the mantle and take the party forward to the next elections and beyond.

The transition from the party of the old to a new brand NDC is fully in progress. There is no turning back. The popular radio talk show host political activist Bro. Kem Jones is a rising star, bringing the message of the NDC to various corners of the country. In the words of Hon Franka Alexis Bernadine, chairman of the party, the NDC is united, alive and well.

Despite the subtleness of many detractors, the party is making steady progress and gaining in strength by recruiting many hundreds of new members. The task is far from over, however. There are thousands of Grenadians with clean hands and a pure heart willing and ready to fight for and die for what the NDC stands for: freedom of speech, the right to work, freedom of association, freedom to worship, rule of law, accountability, transparency and good governance.

Thousands of citizens would prefer to die as a poor NDC supporter instead of a political or economic iguana under Dr Mitchell and the NNP.

The National Democratic Congress, with a very solid base of over 22,000 members and supporters, is the party of the future. NDCites are a proud people who believe in the ideals of their party. The political pimps are fully aware of this and are working overnight to destroy the party and its leadership. They have failed in the past and they will continue to fail since God and time is on the side of the NDC.

Poor William Joseph is grossly misguided when he indicated that Hon Nazim Burke is unfit to lead, criticising him as to be against divergent views and a proponent of censorship and exclusion. This is the same man who worked in his capacity as chief of staff in the same administration that Hon Nazim Burke worked as a minister of finance. William then heaped praise on the way the economy was managed. A few months later he is singing the song of hate and spite to please his new found parasitic team.

Joseph rantings would have been more appropriately and relevant had he used them in describing the actions of the current Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell, who has absolutely no inclination for any form of dissent and opposition. The alleged recent bashing of his own minister of tourism Hon Alexandria Otway Noel and his sending into exile of his senior economic adviser Dr Patrick Antoine is gleaming evidence of the traits Willie espoused . Even the blind could see and the deaf could hear the silence of the media that is so strictly censored and manipulated by the powers that be.

It is high time that these political troublemakers wake up from their coma after taking a dose of self administered anesthesia. These individuals are behaving like high school bullies who, having lost a game, decide to wreck the entire team and tournament because of their selfishness. They have to realize that the NDC is bigger than any individual and is here to stay. They shall never destroy this political organization no matter how hard they may try. NDC is in the genes of thousands of ambitious Grenadians.

Come February 2, 2014, to the dismay and disappointment of Chester Humphrey, Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, Michael Church, Karl Hood, Glynis Roberts, Arley Gill, Ferron Lowe, Siddiqui, Jerome Joseph, William Joseph, Keith Mitchell and the NNP, the collaborators, naysayers the delegates of the National Democratic Congress shall be electing a new political leader and deputy political leader and the most likely choices will be your humble servants brother Nazim V Burke and sister Franka Alexis Bernadine.  This duo will be ably assisted by a united national executive and grassroots team that will propel the NDC to victory in the next general elections. Be advised that no unnecessary and misguided resignation, sensationalism or propaganda would torpedo this very important national political process and event unfolding in a strong, united and very formidable political organisation, the National Democratic Congress.

Forward, ever! Backward, never!

NDC united shall never be defeated!


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