Andrew Thomas is not Andre Thomas

I wish to draw your attention to an incident which took place at the JFK International Airport on Saturday 3rd August 2013.

I arrived at JFK International Airport on Saturday, August 2013 and was denied entry into to USA as a result of an article which appeared on your newspaper on or about the 31st January 2013.

In this article which was posted on the internet, my name Andrew Thomas was mistakenly used instead of Andre Thomas who was allegedly charged for being in possession of cocaine.

As a result my VISA was revoked by the US State Department and cancelled at the JKF International Airport. Consequently I was detained and sent back to Grenada in the most humiliating manner, on the next available flight.

In the circumstances I humbly and respectfully request that a correction be made on the newspaper so that I can have my name cleared as being a drug trafficker.

I would also like to reapply for a Visa in the near future. However, I cannot do so unless I have a correction done by your newspaper as part of supporting evidence to prove my innocence.

I thank you and look forward to an urgent response.


Yours sincerely,


Andrew Thomas


Editor’s note: The writer of the above letter is Andrew Thomas and is in no way the same person as Andre Thomas who was arrested and brought to court by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) on a charge of drug trafficking.


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