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We are experiencing a growing confidence in the Grenadian people that has been lacking in our country for the past couple years, which I will like to highlight, inspite of the economic hardship still facing our country.

I think that Dr. Mitchell still has the support of the great majority of the persons, inspite of the fact that some of them may have to get out of our comfort zones who voted for him and the NNP party, despite of the necessary austerity measures which they may be faced with, in the coming years.

I think they are aware and are fully conscious of the sacrifices ahead because after all we have been playing politics in this country for too long.

We will just have to understand that we just cannot continue to do things the same way and expect different results.

I genuinely and sincerely believe that the N.D.C. has squandered a golden opportunity in taking Grenada forward, and securing another five plus more years in office. I say this with no apologies; rather they had embarked on fighting among themselves for almost the entire five years, in office.

The N.D.C. was in fact, responsible for their own demise, exactly what happened is what I had predicted some four years ago in my newspaper article.

I do not understand how they expected the Grenadian people to understand when they choose to wage a bitter power struggle among themselves, washing their dirty laundry in public at a time, when Grenada was experiencing high unemployment, no investors, nothing was happening in the construction industry, investors’ confidence was low, when lots of our youth and farmers were expecting much more uncertainty, at a time when our hard working farmers were experiencing hopelessness in the agricultural sector faced with the banana leafspots which created havoc among farmers.

The Nutmeg wilts disease was compounding the situation, plus hurricane Ivan’s damage to this vital Industry with farmers fighting to reluctantly cultivate their plots again.

At a time when farmers had no crop insurance in the event there was a major disaster as they had suffered from so many times before with no security to relieve them, as a way of life for their vulnerable families, who could not confidently go to the commercial banks for a loan and be successful, in the absence of a crop insurance.

I have learnt time and time again that Dr. Mitchell was supposed to go to jail , for all his corrupted practices during the NDC campaign and since the last election, going back further Grenada had wasted lots of taxpayers moneys trying to bring Keith Mitchell to justice with no substantial evidence.

These monies could have been used to do so much more in improving the quality of life of the Grenadian people.

Let us not forget that during the (briefcase inquiry) I can recall that there was supposed to be so much persons who had to show up to give evidence against Dr. Mitchell and when the day in question arrived, there was no one in sight.Now who was fooling who?

Let us not forget regardless of which political party we may support, we must be mindful that 68.8 % of our population is under the age of thirty. The young people are confused and dispossessed, and disenchanted, some of our leaders have not showed good example while in public office as role models.

Inspite of all of the above, the Grenadian people continued to demonstrate their unwavering support and confidence in putting Dr. Mitchell back there in a clean sweep. It bothers me that if he is so bad and so corrupt, why? Why are they demonstrating such overwhelming support in this man, and his N.N.P party?

My advice is that rather than antagonising the process, let us all play our part in advancing this nation, and build this beautiful country of ours.


Kennedy Jawahir

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