A refined version of N.N.P

The New National Party has shown a new mindset, and a refined model of its intention to tackle Grenada’s grave economic problems which we all know is not easy for any government taking office at this time.

However, we all should get on board to ensure that Grenada succeeds as a nation, and not continue with the same type of low down politics by putting one party supporter against the other because if this trend continues we would surely return to the nasty politics of the 1970’s.

For too long we have been continuing with this unhealthy trend which is responsible for keeping us where we are, by just seeing Grenada in terms of yellow or green.

We should support the Government’s effort in its new dispensation while being very cautious about their ability to manage Grenada in a much better and matured way.

After all, they have made some serious mistakes but I believe that this round they will do a much better job of managing the economy.

My own conviction is that Dr. Mitchell has learn his lesson and with being the most experienced politician around, I am convinced that he means well for taking Grenada forward.

We have to think of tackling the high unemployment rate facing our people, creating more jobs, and empowering more small businesses.

That initiative is being already addressed by this government through making a special fund available of over 3 million dollars for persons who are willing to open micro/small businesses of up to $ 25,000 with the Grenada Development Bank.

This element was clearly lacking in giving impetus to small and new businesses, understanding that if the small man does not have spending power, then the big man cannot prosper.

I must also say that I am very happy to see that after almost six years that C.C.C. is back where hundreds of workers will regain employment including the long-awaited stranded farmers who were waiting desperately on those much needed feeder Roads which most definitely will enhance the tremendous development of the Agricultural sector, as well as the leasing out of Government’s idle estates which could not have even sustained themselves.

I believe that the private sector will do a much better job in bringing these lands into greater production since tourism by itself cannot do all but rather there should be a marriage of these two vital sectors which will lesson on Government’s food import bill.

As a people we can continue for years blaming a particular Government and this will bring our nation no where.

We are involved in too much cheap politics, with the mudslinging, hate and spite after all there are many of us who have genuinely, and constructively criticised the N.N.P for how they managed some aspects of the economy, but the bottom line is that the people once again gave them a complete mandate to lead the Government of this country again, with the N.D.C not winning a single seat.

I do believe that if we do give this government a chance we will see a dramatic change in the style of governance and in the overall improvement of this country.

The current leader has been seriously criticised in the past by a great segment of our society over briefcase money and bad government policies.

Some of the criticisms may be true but Grenadians for the second time have consistently demonstrated their strong desire and placed their total trust in the leadership of the N.N.P once again.

Kennedy Jawahir

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