By their actions you shall know them

The NDC reminds me of a failed athlete rebounding from a disastrous defeat; he impresses his coach with a stunning performance in the wake of the penultimate meet.

Now a lean and mean machine his performance was so convincing that his coach was obliged to give him a second chance. But like much in life, success sometimes brings with it healthy doses of cockiness – the late and eminent Sir Eric Mathew Gairy would have said they were, “overcome by the weight of the moment.” To the most casual observer though, they were overcome by their own.

Mesmerised and frenzied, and lost in time and space, the “Wise Men of NDC” would not pay attention to objective, friendly and sound advice. Rapidly shedding unwanted pounds through a crash diet seemed appealing and they proceeded with reckless abandon completely discarding warnings of the onset of dangerous and nauseating useless hanging flab.

The flab may be removed surgically, but scars will remain and be remembered for while the NDC machine, once well oiled and running effortlessly, was quickly grinding to a stall – the few who took notice were waiting in the wings – preoccupied with scavenging parts. And scavenge they did – at least so they thought, but a grab box of unconnected or broken parts, a machine do not make.

At a crucial moment when the NDC is in obvious distress and needs leadership, it will be interesting to see who would step forward. Will the nation be sidelined by the most vocal voices of the party in quest of personal gain?

Would it be considered hypocritical and cowardice if at the instant of greatest need, those who are needed the greatest, those who have been held in greatest esteem within the party, those who have put service of party and country as the greatest good are now ready to make the greatest move away from party and country?

Would JONAH who did not jump overboard, who was manhandled; who stayed with his people, fought the good fight, stemmed the humiliation and stood strong for his party and his nation – a man among men – a leader among leaders, be in the annals of history considered one of the greatest leaders of his time?

Sir Eric stood his ground and never, but for a second wavered. As the Father of the Grenadian Social Revolution in 1951, all Grenadians have benefited from his Martyrdom – Yes, I mean Martyrdom!

Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who lived under repressive British domination have stories of rape and mayhem reminiscent of apartheid South Africa, that if we understood our “true” history Sir Eric Mathew Gairy would be honoured as the great liberator of our people.

Maurice Bishop ran with the social revolution bringing pride and honour to the women of our nation, hope to the poor and underprivileged, stood his ground and paid with his life.

Tillman Thomas may not be as flamboyant, he means well, is headstrong and riding the tide. But there are others in his party who have the ability to lead, ridden him for all he is worth and will soon abscond.

By their actions you shall know them!!

Kit Stonewalling


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