Wanted! The member of parliament for St George’s North East

Our Member of Parliament for St George’s North East, Tobias Clement MP, appears to have gone missing soon after his election to office.

Perhaps wherever he is, he (Tobias Clement MP) will be good enough to come forward and grace us — the people of Radix, Mt Parnassus — with his presence. If Mr Clement doesn’t know exactly where Radix is, the direction is to travel along the Mt Parnassus road heading north out of Tempe; Radix is signposted on the left hand side of the road at the sharpest of corners on the brow of the hill.

I am writing as a taxpayer and ratepayer within the community of Radix and speak on behalf of those of us who are fed-up with having to dodge potholes of all sizes and depths to try and avoid major damage to the suspension and other parts of our vehicles. Worse still are the people without vehicles that walk this road on a daily basis are having not only to dodge oncoming vehicles, but potholes that can easily result in personal injuries to themselves as well as damage to their shoes.

When it rains, as it has been in recent weeks, large puddles are ever-present everywhere, resulting in surface water soiling clothing, especially by oncoming vehicles. Pedestrians also sustain wet feet and the soiling of shoes.

The problem existed before the general election and no doubt the condition of the roads in Mt Parnassus and Tempe played a big part in local constituents switching their allegiance. One would have hoped to see some improvement in the environment and condition of the roads.

Certainly there has been no delivery in this regards to Radix and, quite frankly, enough is enough. We are demanding representation. We are not prepared to sit by and be the forgotten lot for the next eight months and beyond; we want to see positive action now by this elusive MP.

Radix has a member of parliament who does not seem to exist! This man is not a member of the government; he holds no portfolio. So what are we paying him for? Soon after the election, the prime minister told the nation that, of the two MPs who are not members of his government, they will be given adequate funds to carryout works and projects in the communities they represent in parliament. Tobias Clement is one of those MPs, so what has he been doing with the funds set aside for carrying out work in communities such as Radix?

What people want to know is: what is the legal requirement in terms of size and depth by which the government must carry out repairs to potholes? Also, what legal processes (if any) are in place for pedestrians as well as motorists to claim compensation for damages due to personal injuries sustained or damage to vehicles as a direct result of potholes that are not within the legal limits and are left unattended?

Winston Strachan


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