What an insult to Sir Paul Scoon!!!

I hate writing to the media but I have no other choice but to do so to express my utter disgust and annoyance in regards to the treatment meted out to the greatest Governor-General we have ever had here in Grenada.

We all knew who Paul was and what he stood for. These attributes were all so eloquently emphasised during his funeral service at the St. Peter Roman Catholic Church at Gouyave, St.John that I need not go into that again.

My annoyance was that Sir Paul was “lying in State” at the Trade Centre, Morne Rouge on Wednesday, September 18 2013 from 8 am to 6 pm. I visited to pay my respects. When I entered the building, I couldn’t help saying to myself, “what an insult and disgrace”.

My reason for such was that I was shocked to see only two sentries guarding Sir Paul’s casket. To add insult to injury, the ranks of the two sentries were that of Constables. That is the lowest rank in the Police Force. What an insult to the greatest and Most Beloved Governor General.

Sir Paul was no ordinary person even though he came from humble beginning. There should have been four sentries (Regular Police, SSU, Coast Guard and Prison Service). Their ranks should have been no less than Sergeants. If it was not possible to have all arms of the Protective Services, then use Sergeants from the Regular Police/SSU. This is how it is done.

Just imagine, sometime ago, a politician’s attributes could never have matched Sir Paul’s or even get close.

The Pall Bearers were all inspectors. Very good for that and for that I’ll award a ten (10) but for the sentries at the Trade Centre and Church, I’ll award a zero (0). Whoever the cap fits, draw the string.

Even the Lady who attended the funeral dressed in pants. It’s out of mind to accept that dress code inside God’s Temple and to butt a “State funeral”. Is that how we are going to nurture the youths to disrespect God?

Although the State was in mourning even the radio station was playing calypso left, right and centre especially during the afternoon (GA) programme of September 18th.

I cry shame, shame on all for doing that grave, unforgivable injustice to Sir Paul and as such, an apology should be forwarded to his family.

To add more insult to injury, even the Flags when flown half mast were a disgrace. Maybe those in authority do not know better and should be taught. Just food for thought, take it or leave it. If there is a policy in place, then enforce it, otherwise have one prepared.

If I’m wrong correct me or support me If I’m right.


Nation Watcher

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