Misleading xenophobic misinformation

An untitled article in your paper of October 24th by Congo Pepper caught my eye. Were it not misleading xenophobic misinformation, it might actually be amusing.

Many of the potentially relevant issues raised are in fact answered with skill so as to provide a politically skewed answer to the uninformed public. I certainly do not have the answers to many of the questions raised, but I do have a few; (a) who is Danny Fakhre? Not a “virtual stranger to Grenadians” but a Grenadian.

Your “information that he has no appetite for ordinary service to Grenada”, and “it is known that he was living and doing business in Trinidad” is wrong! Mr. Fakhre is an International Businessman who travels extensively, Britain, China, Australia, Egypt, Europe.


(b) Mr. Amado Fakhre ‘imprisoned in Cuba”, is his brother, another Grenadian, who was a Hotelier in Cuba who did not “turn up in Grenada”, but rather came home.

Incidentally there is a building “Amado’s” in St. George’s that bears his name, built by his father sometime in the mid 60’s. At that time the Fakhre brothers and other family members were little schoolboys here.

In fact the Fakhres have been in Grenada (approx.60 yrs.) possibly longer than Congo Pepper, the Family being here since the mid 50’s. Check the St. George’s Cemetery. The largest tomb (you can’t miss it) bears the Family name.

(c) These people, “all Arabs” (are you racist?) are more importantly to me, Christians (practicing Catholics) same as many Grenadians. Which brings me to; (d) Mr. Sawiris. I do not know him, except that I have Googled him and invite you to do the same.

He is a legitimate businessman and yes, apparently very wealthy. Being wealthy is not a sin in most countries. I know this is different in Grenada, among certain elements. He is also a coptic Christian. Coptic Christians are being murdered across the Arab Muslim world. You can see this daily on the BBC News, and actual murders of Priests and Christians of all sects on U Tube. Check it out.

I would imagine that most people would rather not have their throats hacked open or otherwise be murdered. Curious that the other “easterners”, of an Alien religion, who invest little or nothing, doesn’t bother you?

The wealthy will use their money to find safe haven for themselves and their families. Why not Grenada? Perhaps the legal framework of Grenada, right to Property, Constitutional guarantees, etc. are attractive to Mr. Sawiris. Certainly more attractive than Cuba, where property is expropriated and Investors jailed without charge or trial. Again this is a model that certain elements would wish for us.

I believe that if any of the above were welcomed to invest in Grenada, provide jobs for the 3000 young people our schools turn out annually, provide justification for airlift, so we don’t have to pay for it, increase demand for the little we do produce, maybe, just maybe, we might be better off.

Sir Eric Gairy often said, “let them build it, they can’t take it”. Cuba demonstrated that to Mr. Fakhre. Perhaps like so many of our people, he’s just happy to be home. I think we should let him make his contribution.

Andrew Bierzynski

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