The importance of producing more locally

In Proverbs 25, we read, “[I]t is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but it is the glory of kings to search out a matter”.

Undoubtedly, Grenada’s political, social and economic history and current circumstances are determined by a force greater than those who live on this rock. Some say, prophetically-speaking, that things are heading to a destination that only those who believe in and seek God with diligence could see and explain for others. Our challenge on receiving such revelations, they say, is to understand what we are reading, seeing or hearing. Then we should act in time to escape the consequences.

Remember, in ACT ONE, we underlined that it was a deliberate strategy on the part of the ‘Remnants of the Revolution’, described as ‘Coardites’, to join the NNP and the NDC. Notwithstanding where they have settled, they are, in fact, one people, with the same political mindset and sharing other characteristics in common.

The leaders of the two groups; Peter David and Nazim Burke, are joined by a single purpose, notwithstanding their apparent differences, which are only temporary. Their mission and purpose is to unify the NNP and the NDC to form NJM 2, thereby returning Grenada to 1979-83 politics, this time through the ballot! They both consult with the same exiled intellectual source!

Let it be clearly understood, the concern is about the ‘party type’, not its typical developmental and social programs.

,Those Grenadians who are vigilant will recognise that there is a “Leftist Code” which is being fervently adhered to by all ‘Remnants of the Revolution’. Today, they operate very much like a Lodge, with concentric circles of comradeship. That is why; the closest advisers, confidants and First Lieutenants of both David and Burke are ‘former’ revolutionaries. So the person closest to Peter is not Keith; neither is Tillman the person closest to Burke. Have you ever heard the two opposing advisers/First Lieutenants attack each other? Secondly and of critical importance, we can expect the Remnants to re-group (come together) at the right time to consolidate political power and to establish NJM 2.

All of this means that Grenada, as a Nation, is in the vortex of politically-induced disaster, the already known features of which are:


I. Grenada’s notoriety in the world for armed revolution and political massacre, without the honour of customary funeral rites; and the two-time NNP clean sweeps at the polls. Notice the opposite directions of these phenomena. One was to purge, the other was to install. Then notice the instrumentalities involved, the gun and the ballot, respectively! Both these instruments may be used recklessly, without wisdom or serious thought.


II. Additionally, recognise that the two sets of players, though belonging initially to different ethos and political eras, are now said to be “working together”. But the real blessings come from “working in agreement”, so their alliance is doomed! Someone is wearing the Emperor’s clothes!


III. Mitchell as the first Grenadian leader to have been found by a Commission of Inquiry to have “demeaned the Office of Prime Minister”


IV. Nation-wide wipe out and calamity wrought by Hurricane Ivan in 2004


V. The ‘Four-year curse of the Revolution’ which afflicted the NDC and collapsed its’ government


VI. Economic and financial collapse, twice in two decades, caused by recklessness in government for which two NNP administrations bear responsibility. Keith Mitchell was instrumental in both situations, with each case requiring structural adjustment programs


VII. On the NDC front, the unthinkable re-emergence of disturbing evidence of intolerance of divergent views, exclusion and censorship in certain notable quarters. Who would have thought that such would be on the political menu after all that the people have suffered? This must serve as a powerful reminder that not everyone is deserving of rehabilitation and a ‘prodigal son’ reception. Not all who contest elections and speak up in the Parliament are democrats. Similarly, not all who try to disguise their relationships will succeed in keeping them hidden


VIII. On the NNP front, Peter employed as Adviser to Mitchell (discovered by accident of a News Release) and Humphrey, a private citizen, appearing on the GIS to express his personal political views in an obscene and unprecedented manoeuvre. Then we have the displacement of a number of well-known NNP activists to make room for Peter’s breed. So the government is now relying on the ‘Remnants’ to sway public opinion and to mobilise resources for its survival. This dependency comes at a price which the ‘Remnants’ will surely exact in the fullness of time.

Grenadians need to realise that these developments are bringing ‘darkness’ upon the Nation. Alarms need to be sounded regarding the virtual surrender of the political space to the ‘Remnants’ with the predictably disastrous consequences. Older Grenadians know that unwise gifts to irresponsible beneficiaries generally lead to the squandering of an inheritance. The country needs its thirty and forty-year olds to get seriously involved in the politics of the day. Grenada needs its people of faith to be genuinely faithful and not to be moved by promises and gifts that are not from God.

When you see the phenomena (referred to above) of hurricane, pre-mature and cursed government collapse and two Structural Adjustment Programs, you realise that there is no increase, no abundance, and no supply in our land. There is no ‘prepared table’ from which our national cup could overflow. Clearly, Grenada is in the throes of a spiritual clench!

Our country needs its ‘kings’ to search out and reveal matters of state and society, for our collective good. Slaves and fools have no interest in or appetite for searching things out. They are happy to leave things as they are. But to do so would be to confirm our destiny as a failed Nation.

Confident that we are neither slaves nor fools, it is our duty to understand what we are reading, seeing or hearing. It is our duty to honour the gift of this land that God has given us. The Caribbean is the black man’s ‘Promise Land’ (slavery was just the route), and we in Grenada cannot afford to repeat our history, squander the gift and become slaves again! We must shut out the ‘darkness’.




P.S. “REMNANTS” is not used in a derogatory sense.


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