Problems at the Market

I would like to bring to the attention of the public the mis-management of the Market in the Town of St. George.

No vendor in the Market knows where he or she is going in the new phase. It seems, like booth and space are being given out in the Ministry and Parliamentary offices.

The last administration had a criteria which is the proper and correct way. It appears that political affiliation gets you your space in the market.

We are calling on the Permanent Secretary and Minister of Works to let the vendors know what is the criteria for space in the market or is it for NNP supporters only.

Since the next phase of the market is almost ready we would like to know what is going on. We need someone from the Ministry to come forward and have a meeting to let us know what is happening.

We need a smooth transition for the moving of the vendors which should be within the next week.

The President of the Vendors association has no idea what is going on right now. Please, we need someone who will follow the criteria of vending in the market.

Let there be “Fairness and Transparency”




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