The Month of October and Evil

Foremost in the minds of the Grenadian people is the occurrence several years ago of the slaughter on the hill overlooking St. George’s town – Fort George – where a murderous rage was orchestrated and delivered by an evil-minded Grenadian man and an equally evil-minded Jamaican woman; and while Grenadian citizens will continue to die in whatever circumstances, the story of this terrible and atrocious occurrence will live on.

Suffice it to say that while these dastardly murderous acts occurred in the name of political chaos, the average citizen would agree that the worst place to foster evil would be in the church or churches. Evil-doing under the pretext of doing God’s work could have tumultuous consequences.

It is said that in the word “church” the “us” represent the people of God, without whom there could be no church. Abomination whether carried out in St. Paul’s, or Archibald Avenue or Church Street, for example, is a worst case scenario and Grenadians must take responsibility for the fall-out by failing to rid the church or churches of evil-doers. Of course, there will always be simple-minded or just plain stupid people who, not knowing right from wrong, will support evil-doers.

Grenadians, be always aware of moral or any wrong doing by men who are in fact heaping burning coals on people’s heads.

Finally, everyone is called upon to be a God-fearing citizen and not just pray but to take action to avoid evil necessary.

Mary B. Charles

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