Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

As I ponder on the above headline, two institutions of our society come into view with disturbing consequences to my mind. The Church and the tyranny of the State, I truly tremble.

Our citizens are caught between two forces that are making mince meat of our poor believing and trusting brothers. I am not sure which of these two entities first emerged on the scene; however, I would hazard that it was the church when one realises that every society “primitive” or “civilised” have some concept of a superior being – God.

And Western society has invested this God with reward and punishment – Heaven where everything is golden, if you are a “good” boy or girl and Hell and damnation – burning in everlasting fire if you are “bad”.

The Pope, Priest or Pastor to whom their “God speaks occasionally decides when you are good or bad.” Good, if you go to church every Saturday or Sunday and bring your tithes to “Papa” to keep him and the family clean and well fed while you are catching your “nen-nen” to feed your little ones.

How cruel and conniving are these creatures in their frocks, robes, skull caps and stiff collared vestments that elevate themselves to a level of holiness. What arrogance!

But what is so sad that these fakes, those phonies, instill fear and doubts among their believers as they prey upon innocents. They prosper most in countries that are poor and less educated, that’s their verdant pastures, hence I am not surprised at the proliferation of so many religions in Grenada, even the Mormons and Muslims have found a grazing field here.

It became quite clear why the founding fathers of the American Revolution saw fit to make a distinct separation between Church and State in their Constitution.

I am aware that it is perilous to generalise, so let me apologise here to the few good men and women of the clergy who performed admirably in serving the poor, sick and deserving among us.

With the blessing of the Church, the State represented by the Prince or Prime Minister is empowered to do as he pleases and this goes back in time immemorial to the Pharoahs even to the Sumar civilianization before Egypt.

However, it annoys me that after the millennia, vestiges of this system survives today. When the Prime Minister and his cohorts can do as they damn well please with our land and taxpayers money with utter silence from the Church and the Fourth Estate (the media) I say dog eat our supper.

But Lau-dea. God be praised. In his limitless wisdom and mercy he always takes care of the defenseless against the infidels.

Right now we are financially and economically in the waste land. In short we are experiencing real hell. The country is broke. Grenada is in the poor house, yet the Prime Minister is creating big paying positions and dispensing largesse for his men and women currying favour to individuals in areas he fears could expose his misdeeds.

Take for example, the media (journalists) both print and electronic – (the Fourth Estate) that should be protecting the nation’s interest. It is sad and depressing when most of us who ought to know better can easily be bought with position of “power” or hard cash.

Shame on you guys. If you read this you know whom I am talking about. As I told some of you before don’t mess with the metaphysical. Keith Mitchell’s Karma go grab you too!

The poor chap has no feeling for the economic hardship his countrymen are now going through. Now is not the time for him and his gang to be flying First Class abroad and staying in expensive hotels, sampling the rare wines and upscale menus, living the good life like Resteiner.

On the 22nd of July this year, I was shocked to see him in First Class with a retinue including Emmalin Pierre. They looked so sheepish it was not funny. I guess something told them it wasn’t right. Peter David was among them too but he flew economy class. Guess it was too chancey for the Prime Minister to book him first class too.

I mention the above to show the mentality of our PM. This is not the time to spend recklessly. This is the time to tighten our belts and save what little we can. This is the time to utilise our God-given resources; and heaven knows we have an abundance of that.

But the PM cannot see our numerous resources; he is too busy begging and helping to spend other peoples’ money. Productive labour is the man’s enemy; his de-bushing programme is a fine example of his lack of vision. This man is hell bent on power, controlling the police, the Media and the Church.

I am appealing to my fellow Grenadian brothers and sisters all – to wake up and smell the coffee! Do not be bamboozled by the State, nor the Church. Everyone has a role to play – ‘each one teach one”.

The welfare of Grenada must be to everyone’s benefit, not to a chosen few. “A single individual can raise the value of a whole nation. “Both the Church and State will do all they can to keep us poor and ignorant, that’s their feeding trough.

Remember “ he who controls others may be powerful but he who is master of himself is mightier still”. I think that Mott Green was heaven sent to us – he left us a template. Let’s build on it.

Dennis Canning

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