Deliver Please, Mr. Gaddafi

I am kindly seeking a space in your newspaper to vent my views on a few burning issues I have been struggling with for some time now. It is not my wish though, to put you or your newspaper in a complicated situation given the fact that people can now be arrested and charged if their views and opinions offend the government and its affiliates.

So please Sir, read this thoroughly and do what you must to protect yourself and The New Today. Having said, I ask that you remain true to the numerous readers of this newspaper who look forward to the much needed insight and truth on issues that others refuse to bring to the open.

February 19th, 2013 was an imperative day but many Grenadians took it for granted. It was on this day we held the key to the future of Grenada. It was on this day we were given the democratic right to elect representatives whose priority is to focus on the needs of the people. And it was on this day we made the worst decision ever and placed the key in Mr. Gaddafi’s hand and told him, open all doors for you, your family, investors, questionable characters, NNP Candidates and their families, your worshippers and followers and NNPites.

With this key, we permitted him the opportunity he craved for four-and-a-half years – the opportunity to shut the doors on all Grenadians who cannot find it within themselves to support him, his team and his sightless vision.

Mr. Gaddafi never had Grenada’s interest at heart; it was a tsunami of pretense and malice. He had his worshippers push forward the things Grenadians wanted to hear and not the things we needed to hear based on economic realities. He echoed at the top of his obnoxious voice that NDC cannot get it right, that Uncle Tilly was clueless about growing the economy and that his economic advisors had all the answers.

Given the state of Grenada’s economy to date, clearly Mr. Gaddafi’s lies have grown teeth with time. Now his very own people are being beaten daily by the infinite lies he told them during his campaign for their votes. I for one got the impression that there will be seeds planted in roots nutritious enough to produce money as fruit and jobs as leaves.

The first issue is this new law. I am yet to believe that in 2013, in Grenada, Grenadians will be told what to say, to whom and when they should say it. Mr. Gaddafi is quite knowledgeable of what to come in Grenada, thus the invention of this law to silence anyone who would criticise his actions. I am baffled by the acceptance of this law by the “so-called seasoned media personnel.”

I know that the majority of them fully support Mr. Gaddafi and his team, their support was depicted in the bias coverage given last election. I concluded that press freedom, impartiality, and the voice of the people were the cornerstones on which the media was built. In Grenada however, that is not evident. The evidence is there to show that members of the media are all about moving up and on in positions gained based on party support and reporting on NNP’s behalf.

This is quite appalling and Ms. Noel, Titus and Augustine should be embarrassed of the work they put out to the public. I have always known that Grenada is a democratic society and my values are designed accordingly. Mr. Gaddafi cannot stifle my thoughts and silence my voice.

Secondly, the Ministry of Youth and the followers running it are certainly misleading the young people of the nation. The state of Grenada’s economy does not allow Ms. Pierre and her team to realistically provide opportunities for more than 3, 000 young people. She gave them that idea to hold earlier this year and we all know that she said things geared towards brainwashing the vulnerable.

It is my understanding that most, if not all the young people previously employed under the NDC administration were sent home. Those remaining are the very skilled ones; skilled in the sense that they play dead to see the funeral service they might get. By that I mean, they pretended to be NDC supporters when they felt the need to and well when the Miss. Youth touched down in the ministry they showed her how much they loved and appreciated her and the party she represents.

My niece was sent home with her associate degree after working in that department for three-and-a-half years because she is a well known supporter of the former government. And that is shameful! She told me that a certain person made mischief on her in an effort to keep his position and oh how he likes being in that position.

I remember her saying, “I wish I could tell Minister Simmons about this man, this man has nothing good to say about Minister Simmons you know.” I can now conclude that this man, like many others there definitely functioned like snake under grass.

My third problem is with the issuing of scholarship opportunities. I know there are numerous people to whom NNP have to deliver to for the votes received earlier this year. However, there are individuals and there will be many more in the coming years who simply deserve opportunities to further their education and will come forward for a government scholarship.

A Grenadian who applies and satisfies all the requirements should not be denied. A Grenadian whose intention is to make a meaningful contribution to his/her community but is not financially in a good position to do so should not be denied. I know of a young woman in St. Patrick whose parents are well known supporters of the NDC and she was told recently that her application cannot be found after she applied in February 2013.

She was also told that her application was not successful. When she asked why, an answer was not given. We know the answer to that; we know that she did not meet the political requirements.

I am sending a strict warning to Mr. Gaddafi and his gang, this is not Libya. You can exhibit behaviours in the capacity as a cruel dictator but you should know that you cannot influence the minds of all Grenadians. You were elected by 32, 000 people but you have to represent the 109, 590 (World Fact Book) people living here.

You are in no position to dictate to us when we speak and what we say. Your main responsibility is to deliver all you have promised starting now. You said you had everything needed to give Grenada a complete 360 turn around; investors on the airport, a united and capable team, money, jobs, the best economic advisors and also you have the vampires from the NDC.

I am yet to see a stone move; I am yet to see progressive movements. Wherever the delivery train is now, clearly it is on pause and the driver seems to be asleep. I ask that you Mr. Gaddifi take the proper medicine, so the driver can put this delivery train in the right gear so Grenadians can receive their delivery packages with all we need to survive.


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