Thirty pieces of silver

The Grenada Revolution of March 13th 1979 had a fundamental law was… the guns of the Revolution will never be used against the Masses….but they did on the 19th of October 1983……

One of these days I will write and then publish the objective and subjective conditions that gave rise to the demise of the Grenada Revolution of March 1979 on October the 19th 1983. It is only fair to do so because I did a document called the objective and subjective conditions that gave rise to its triumph on March 13th 1979, which was published in the Grenada Voice, week ending March 21st 2009. (Thank You Mr. Lesile Pierre )

As we approcah the 19th of October 1983, the 30th anniversay of October 19th 1983 – thirty years after the (30) thirty pieces of silver, the deception continues as to the whereabouts of the mortal remains of former Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop, Unison Whiteman, Jacqueline Creft, Norris Bain, Fitzroy Bain, Vincent Noel, Evelyn “Brat” Bullen, Keith “Pumphead” Hayling, Evelyn Maitland, and Nelson Steele among others.

After all these years, the family, friends, well-wishers and the masses in general still have no idea as to where are the remains of the executed men after that very dark day on October 19th, 1983 when evil struck our little island, Grenada in an unprecended way.

If we are truly a christian people, which I have all reasons to believe we are, and a people who hold up a fundamental law of christianity, which is to show compassion to someone who did you wrong and also to bury our dead, as it is clearly explained in the bible story about the Prodigal Son – tell me how come that love is only extended to the persons who were condemned for the most heinous crime ever commited in our country.

The comdemned are now back in the society living the good life. You can see them driving around in their SUV’S and even telling people that they were political prisioners in jail as though it pays to commit crimes.

But as the saying goes: “In any society where justice is not seen to be done there will be problems in that society”.

To date no compassion and no love are shown to the victims of the crime and their families because the remains of their love ones cannot be handed over for a proper Christian burial.

There were two opportunities to do so, firstly, between the 19th and 25th of October 1983, before the Invasion got under way and the country was in the hands of the Revoultionary Military Council (RMC) or Run Marines Coming, as they were called when the invasion started by the USA and Caribbean Armed Forces.

Secondly, when the invasion was over, the invading forces did not hand over the remains to the families for a proper burial.

For me that is the best kept secret ever on our little island – a place where you can tell anyone what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or what caused the leaf to shake even if outside was dark as one million midnight.

Our people have many quotations which we always repeat on a daily basis depending on the situation that exist, such as, six of one and half a dozen is the same, or the upholder is worst than the thief.

It is my view and maybe many others that the former Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop and his colleagues were robbed from we the Grenadian people, when they were executed on the 19th of October 1983, on Fort Rupert which was named after his father, Rupert Bishop during the Revolution and was renamed after the Invasion which was started on the 25th of October 1983.

The invasion was caused by people who were drunk on ideology (Marxism) which was not applied to our own historic conditions, by the Ideologues in the Central (CC) Committee of the New Jewel movement (NJM). In my opinion, these people were the best examples of Stalinsim and Pol Potism by their bloody actions, on that very dark day, October 19th, 1983.

To add salt to the wound, the invading forces, headed by the USA, the most powerful empire known to mankind, were not helpful during the last thirt years by refusing to shed light as to the whereabouts of the remains of Maurice Bishop, our second Prime Minister and his colleagues.

Histroy has shown that the Americans themselves are still trying to recover the remaims of their own soldiers who fought in the Korean War 1950-53 and in Viet Nam in the early 1970s, in order to be given a dignified burial in their own country.

Tell me, how come, thirty years after we still cannot bury our dead as though we are not supposed to have our own heroes too.

In that regard, I would like to go to the funeral services for Maurice Bishop, the former Prime Minister, Unison Whiteman, former Foreign Minister, Jacqueline Creft, former Education Minister, Norris Bain, former Minister of Housing, Evelyn “Brat” Bullen, former insurance executive, Vincent Noel and Fitzroy Bain, trade union leaders, Keith “Pumphead” Hayling, Marketing & National Importing Board Marketing (MNIB) manager, Evelyn Maitland, manager of his family business, and Nelson Steele, dock worker, among others.

I know it will be very costly for the government to bury them because of the cost involved, and in that respect, the remaims should be handed over to the families to be buried.

Or we can set up a public fund so that the masses can contribute to the burial of those persons who made a tremendous diiference in the lives of thousands of people here at home and around the world.

I will like the Grenada Conference of Churches to know that for one not to bury the dead is not of Grenadiaan and of Christianity, just as the executions that took place.

So after 30 years of lukewarm support, it is time to put your foot on the peddle to speed things up in that regard in order for that chapter to be closed once and for all.

Finally not all salary increases are good. That 30 pieces of silver which increased and took place while Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop was out of the country, is equal to that of Judas’ own, because it was a prerequiste for the betrayal.

Because of such wrong, we are counting the loss and the cost of human capital which we can never recover.

I know that their consciences are beating them with a boulie wip. I have doubt they can sleep properly when the night comes especially this time of the year as they will forever be responsible for the death of a People’s Revolution and its charismatic leader Maurice Bishop, who was the Revolution and the Revolution was him. No Bishop, No Revolution.

In closing, it is high time the perpetrators of the murderers of October 19th 1983, come forward and step up to the plate and give a true and proper recount of the history as to what happened so it can be properly documented as part of our history. Who knows it could well be a water shed moment for them.

According to Fidel, “History must be respected and recounted exactly as it occured”.


Brian Lindsay

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