Incompetence within the Ministry of Education

I am writing this article because I have had enough of the stupidness that goes on in the Ministry of Educatioan. I often think that the Ministry of education was designed to frustrate Teachers. Their system is one that rarely gives justice and if any justice is given, it’s when the teachers are old and grey or they have lost the passion to fight for their causes any more. This is beyond sad. It is outrageous!

This ministry is disorganised! Further, it is rare to find someone within those “educational” walls who knows what he or she is doing. The majority of the workers seem to not have the answers to anything, and the few who do have answers, cannot do anything about it because their voices are muffled by the overwhelming sea of mediocre people who operate there.

The majority of the workers in the ministry (not all) seem to have no regard for other people. They seem to think that teachers are objects that they can cast aside and not be bothered with. Year after year, teachers request transfers, assignments/secondments, re-appointments, job letters, information etc. and they are not attended to. The ministry doesn’t even have the manners to respond to transfer requests and say that the request was seen and that it was denied or approved.

Teachers just sit in wait, expecting something to happen and nothing takes place. Assignments/secondments are worse – it’s either, they lost the related documents, it never went to the appropriate department, it was passed on to someone who just couldn’t be bothered and that person discarded/disregarded it, and the list can go on and on.

Re-appointments are just as terrible, as teachers have to wait in limbo, to find out whether they have a job or not. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! What it all boils down to is that teachers are suffering and dissatisfied under this ministry. WHY IS THE MINISTRY SO SLOW AND UNCARING?

The Ministry needs a shake up the way someone who is making up a bed would shake a sheet. They need a wash and rinse, the way a washing machine would handle clothes and spit them out nice and spotless and smelling good. I am appealing to the Prime Minister to take a walk through the Ministry of Education and really see what is going on.

Honourable Prime Minister, send spies in there if you have to, to gather accurate information on how sloppily this ministry is run. When you phone the ministry and the call is put through, the person you want to speak to rarely answers the phone. The phone keeps ringing and ringing and ringing…..nonsense! (Poor Minister Boatswain, he is probably unaware of all this nonsense).

Teachers have to be mothers, doctors, lawyers, uncles, aunties and nen nens to children and yet, they don’t get treated with appreciation by this ministry. It is outlandish! I refuse to sit back any longer and let this crap go on. I am going to expose them for who they truly are.

In light of all this, I must commend the security at the front and the ladies who deal with the signing in process before you go further into the ministry. These people are probably the most pleasant persons the ministry has. The worst are the persons with the titles; sitting in their “high end”, air conditioned offices, pretending that they have work to do and telling their secretaries to tell people that they are in meetings when they call for them, when in truth or in fact, the majority of the times, they are sitting in their offices staring at the walls, wondering how in the world they got into such a position and they don’t have a clue as to how to go about it.

These high titled people in the Ministry of Education are ‘GREAT PRETENDERS’; I can literally hear the old time song playing in the back ground as I write this article.

They must be shaken up! They must be exposed! Maybe then, things would run the way they should be run. I am encouraging teachers to write in about their unfavourable experiences that they have had with this ministry.

Let us keep writing articles and exposing their nonsense until we see change take place.

A voice in the wilderness


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