Who are governed by the laws of our country?

The Psalmist David, a prominent poet song writer and musician wrote, “Lo children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward” Ps 127:7.

Children have been the main source of my livelihood and as a past teacher and lecturer I have grown to love them. They are so full of life, fun and vitality. They carry freshness and joy everywhere they go. Like a breath of fresh air they spread a fragrance that is so invigorating.

Now that I am retired I can spend more time encouraging, helping and counseling children in my community. Thus on Friday 30th August, I took two children to St. George’s to purchase school material for them. While we were walking along the side of Grenville Street a vehicle drove over the little girl’s left foot, the driver was both disrespectful and uncaring and had to be chided by onlookers who gathered around before he finally put the child in his vehicle and took her grudgingly to the hospital.

After two weeks, the driver failed to report the accident to the police. He didn’t even have the courtesy to call to find out about the child’s welfare. On our way to the hospital, I remarked to the driver that he should report the incident, but he rudely replied, “what for?”

I told him that if he didn’t I would and he responded “and what would happen?” His answer baffled me for a while and although he told me that his name was ….. I still did not comprehend the full importance of his words.

Later as I investigated the matter I discovered that his father is …. a top man in the Royal Grenada Police force. It was then I grasped the true meaning of the question, “And what would happen?”

Therefore, I ask these questions, for whom are the laws of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique designed? Are our law men and their families above the law? Or are they governed by its dictates?

As I reflected on these pertinent questions I further asked, what do people of the law tell their boys and girls? Do they give them the impression that “Big daddy is the boss, you don’t have to worry, the law is behind us”.

Can policeman like Inspectors, Commissioners of Police and their offspring and the various rank and file within the force use the law to suit their purpose?

The son of this senior police officer was driving no ordinary vehicle. The van which rolled over ten year old Menen Phillip’s foot was an expensive vehicle. A Lexus if you please, with the registration number PAE…..

I am a free thinker and my mind usually runs ahead. Since I identified myself to the young man as an ex-lecturer at T.A. Marryshow Community College and he quickly recognised me, I have been wondering, is this youth studying abroad? And has he returned to Grenada on vacation? If this is so, will this case be swept under the carpet?

Already the injured child has missed the first two weeks of school because of the pain in her foot and the back slab she is wearing.

In the United States of America, a person is fined for neglecting his dog, and is imprisoned for abusing any dumb animal. Should we do less in Grenada? Should our children be treated with disdain or less than dogs, especially by these who believe they are superior because they drive expensive cars and are the children or parents who are in a position to thwart justice?

As I conclude this article, I strongly suggest that this piece be used in the classroom for comprehension, discussion and analysis by students, trainees in the Police Training School Special Unit and all those who are entering the field that deals with the protection of life and property.


Quiet Observer

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