Where is the justice?

I have been sitting at home quietly but every day viewing the TV stations and on weekends buying the local newspapers to monitor the feedback about a series of stories that was carried in your newspaper about alleged sexual misconduct on the part of a few senior police officers against a female Woman Police Constable who resigned from the force and left for the United States.

Quite frankly, the people of Grenada have not let me down – they have played true to form.

If this young Constable was from Lance Aux Epines or came from a prominent family in the country the whole of Grenada would have felt the earthquake as her family would have used their money, influence and power to seek justice for her.

The Conference of Churches of Grenada and Rev. James are busy at work in trying to help put out the economic and financial fire now sweeping through the land.

The little girl from the country who said that she was raped by a senior police officer is turning out to be a nobody in the country.

I have asked some of my police friends in the force if an investigation is really taking place, and all of them have said words to the effect: Do not expect anything to happen, they will do a cover up as usual for the boys at the top.

As a matter of fact, one of the them told me that one of the officers who allegedly engaged in sexual misbehaviour against the young WPC is not new to such crimes since he did a similar thing to another female officer when he was stationed at the Grenville Police Station.

What was interesting is that all the policemen whom I engaged are pretty sure that the WPC is not lying on any of the senior officers and that they are guilty as hell.

But then again the young lady is not the daughter of Prime Minister Mitchell or Gregory Bowen or Elvin Nimrod or as a matter of fact one with a lot of money and whose wife is an attorney-at-law, Nikki Steele.

If it was Steele’s daughter, his wife would have been using her legal skills to file all kinds of lawsuits against the police officers. And if she won the State would have had to find thousands of dollars that it ain’t have already to pay to these rich people in compensation.

But the WPC comes from a poor family and does not have the financial means to go after the sex predators in court.

In Grenada, there is a saying that when you are poor, you are really exposed.

It is still not too late for the voice of justice and the voice of reasoning to come forward in this country and demand a free and independent investigation into the alleged sexual impropriety of the three senior police officers.

Mr. Prime Minister, come forward and stand up like a man to be counted among those who are committed to justice and fair play.

Mr. Tillman Thomas – where is your voice these days? You have always been promoted as Mr. Integrity, Mr. Decency and Mr. Accountability and Transparency.

Now is the time Mr. Thomas to demand from Mr. James some kind of transparency in the so-called investigation that the Acting COP told the nation was launched into the allegation made against the senior police officers.

I have my own doubts about Dr. Mitchell and transparency but he has a chance now to prove me wrong.

As Minister of National Security he is responsible for the police and has a duty to ensure that the bad eggs are uprooted from the force.

The churches also have a moral responsibility to put their money where their mouths are and come out and let justice prevail either in favour of the former WPC or the three accused police officers.

Justice Seeker

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